After getting trapped in a hole, Po was surprisingly saved by Narcotic and Celsius. At first, Po wasn't very thrilled to see those two again, but Celsius and Narcotic somewhat earned his trust by saying they have no interest to go after Quidilin (this time at least). Instead, they are after a greater goal: an old Clookatoo friend of Narcotic named Anti Venom is falsely accused of murder by the AUU Grand Council and is looking at a death sentence. They seek Po's help to free Anti Venom from the Bulliarns, a race of 4-horned aggressive cattle-like cows who are known to have killed millions in a previous war. Po agrees, and decides to bring Icky, Iago, Fidget, and Trixie along with him on the trip. But what if there was a reason why the Council even accused Anti Venom that upsetted the Bulliarns? Clearly, Po is letting himself get manipulated by a criminal again just like with Fung. Fortunately, this time, this situation is more legitimate than it seems because Anti-Venom is just a nerd who was harmless and a true victim of a terrible misunderstanding and the king of the Bulliarns, King Corbos, is a tyrannical jerk who bullies The Grand Council to do what he says or it's war, especially since a war with the Bulliarns is very devastating due to their ability to destroy planets and kill billions. It would take the Lodgers and an unlikely alliance of Qui's former partners to finally break the Bulliarns grip on the Council and punish Corbos for good.


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