A gang of pro-USRA nut cases reportedly broke through the Klee System's magic sheild and right into the isolated systems. Even though Madam President was making an aim to go after them, the Klee natives advised against it, and told her that those fanactics are already done for. Then Grand Mind told her of UIS' darkest secret: The Isolated Systems are not just being isolated to block out USRA advancement. It is now also to contain a powerful parasitic spieces the Klee natives fearfully refered to, as The Yucc. Native to Planet Qurrenteen, The Homeworld and ground zero of the infected isolated systems now infested by a parasitic zombie-spieces of mollisk/chinderians known as The Yucc. The neightbering systems tried to turn the creatures into their controled commodity, but it felled and allowed them to infect and spread. UIS considered this system to espeically be remained closed off from the grand universeal community to prevent the parasites from spreading, and to prevent them from becoming the next bruud. In other words, no worries. Madam President was ready to have the insodent quietly closed off then and there, but it was haulted when it turned out that the reckless daughter of the Sabochun emperor, Emperor Arbyen Vu Niao, who he has contacted UIS that the forementioned daughter, Rewter Vu Niao, has been romanticly involved with a known reckless renigade UIS hater Sabochun, Carlosa Stinker, known for a skunk-stripe pattern on his fur in the back and tail, has allined with other UIS hating de-generates on a stolen colony ship filled with rampent UIS haters with aims to establish an illegal colony in the very broken through isolated systems, to the shock of Madam President, which after failing to conjure up a lie on short notice, with no help from Chairmen Flabbs being Chairmen Flabbs, Madam President was forced to admit that the isolated systems are doomed to a heavy parasitical infection and that Rewter and Carlosa are likely doomed to the same fate of infection because of stupidly going into a qurrintined off set of Isolated systems. Arbyen berates UIS for not alarming the Universes of this and brings up this being why UIS deals with so many UIS hating de-generates! Thus, the HA and the Lougers are brought in to be an emergeny extraction team to save the reckless colonists. However, when they found the ship in the worse place for it, Planet Qurrenteen, they arrived to a ruined ship and desistated colony infested with now infected fools. Thankfully, Rewter was turned out to be the only surviver, the once prideful smug cunt now crying her eyes out like a bawling 5-year old! She reveiled that Carlosa turned out to be a total utter sociopath that wasn't aiming to stick it to UIS at all, but only said so lure in the other UIS haters as expendable fodder to build a parasitic army he aims to try and control with the methods the lost natives of the systems tried to use, a potaintionally functional brainwave device that'll unison the brainwaves of the parasites with his so he can basicly take over the entire AUU and go after the Lougers universes because "why not?". It's up to the Lougers and the HA to not only make sure Carlosa gets the most fitting karma ever, but see if they can turn that device into a way to cure the systems of their infection and save these systems from a historic mistake.

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