Ever since Marty miracalessy defeated Jeuri, Ania was welcomed to lived in the dragon temple to be closer to Marty. they spent alot of time togather now, and bonds have been established. Now, Marty has a new challnage: Asking Ania to marry him. Marty has lack the confindence to ask. He's worried that Ania does not believe in inter-speices marrage (dispite CLEAR evidents she admited she likes him like him) and is worried it may not work out. Okapies and Zebras are not creatures that have much assuiation with eachother other then being both from africa, and is worried to screw up. Spongebob, Patrick, Alex, Melman, Icky and Iago, the Penguins, and Boss Wolf offers to take Marty on a guy's trip to help him think this out! they eat at an airplane themed ice-cream shop where you can actselly eat in an early model world war 2 airplane. Marty begins to get the confindence to at least try. However, Patrick gets stupidly drunk in ice cream and hi-jacks the plane, WHICH TURNS OUT TO STILL BE FUNTIONING AS A LEGETIMATE PLANE DISPITE SUPPOSE TO BE REINVENTED TO BE AN ICE CREAM RESTAURENT and takes Marty and company on a wild ride?! Meanwhile, Ania is worried that Marty might not return any marrageual love, and just wanted to be her friend, reguardless of being consulded by the female lougers (with all the other guy lougers having their own guy's trip) and insisted that it WILL work out! Will Marty be able to ask, THE BIG QUESTION or is a realtionship between a zebra and an okapi was just never meant to work out?

(Based on a Rocko's Modern Life Episode)

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