Ke-Pa has had ENOUGH of losing his team members to various stupid reasons of losing them! Ke-Pa finally orders The Time Overlord to create a paradox that renders ALL of their team member's reforming, as well as Derek's stupidity and disloyalty a paradox to restore the imfamy of the Dragon's Army, and ensure the Army returns to full streagnh. However, this Prevokes the Zodiacs (Who really didn't die thanks to the Mysterious Ally in Fall of the Zodiac) to finally come out of Hiding, and prevoke Ke-Pa to instead come after them who he has full intent to ensure they actselly are destroyed for good. The Time Overlord senses a trap, so he intents to snap Ke-Pa out of it before it ends in disastor. However The Time Overlord's luck is about to turn against him for Saldaron and his mysterious friend are up to something to ensure that Ke-pa remains rediculiously over-comident and proud of himself he doesnt know what is right infront of his face and the Zodiac themselfs while during their exile have prepared a huge surprise that will littary rob The Time Overloard of his time abilites and Ke-Pa's pride turning him into a total bitch so much, he is humiliating himself for the big demon twat he is.

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