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Aaron Holux Solaris
Aaron Solaris.png
Vital statistics
Title Master Sergeant Solaris
Gender Male
Race/Species Pool Frog (Pelophylax lessonae)
Faction Super Ops
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Light Manipulation, Skilled Combat Training
Status Former Criminal, Master Sergeant for Super Ops
Location Kratos
  • New Thebes (Hometown)
  • Prometheon (Super Ops Residency)
Alignment Reformed

Aaron H. Solaris is a superior green frog who works for Master Algorithm in superior research. He is a genius in arts and sciences, and can be easily aggrivated by loud noise. He was once a criminal wanted for impersonation and murder until Master Algor bailed him out of jail. It isn't until the Shell Lodge Squad came along and saved his planet that he reformed, and later gained the chance to be the master sergeant of Algor's public taskforce agency Super Ops. His superpower is light manipulation.

  • MCode: Lm


Aaron was born on Kratos in the city of New Thebes. He inherited his light manipulation powers from his father, who was a light artist (A superior that performs holographic and luminous tricks), while his mother didn't have light manipulation, but instead had color manipulation, allowing her to have a job as a chromancer (A superior that dances while dazzling colors around the room). Aaron, on the other hand, wasn't the most popular student in school. He didn't even have control of his own powers. Once, he accidentally turned himself invisible for 3 days, causing his parents to think he ran away. So, Aaron decided to go to power camp (A kind of boot camp meant for Superiors that are unable to control their superpowers) to keep the incident from happening again. But it was too stressful for him because of the sergeant's yelling, the physical stress, and all the untolerable noises. After months of being exposed to all these stressful things, he began growing aggressive.

His anger made him physically fit, and he managed to pass power camp, and return home. However, his aggrivative nature lead him to attack other students. He was suspended every week for this, and he couldn't take anymore of it. He decided to find a way to earn some respect, but his aggrivation made it difficult. But then he discovered that one student, James Photon, a superior with the same powers as his, was extremely popular, and that everyone respected him. He decided to use his hologram ability to pose as him to gain respect. He locks James and his parents in a dark alley tied up and hidden, and starts to impersonate James, and makes holographic versions of his parents to avoid suspicion. The trick worked, and he was never picked on again. While he was continuing this for a week, and kept his hostages alive, the phony parents were discovered to be holograms, and the police were brought. Thanks to investigation that Aaron was unable to stop, his hostages were freed, and Aaron was arrested for impersonation, but not before Aaron resisted arrest and got his revenge by killing James with a laser blast. Thing is, Aaron actually meant for the laser to painfully burn him and ruin him physically, believing that he would become as unpopular as he was. But adrenaline rushes as the result of him fighting off the police ended up making the laser strong enough to do more fatal damage. Aaron was mistaken and accused of intentional murder and was slapped with more harsh penalties. He remained in jail for 7-in-a-half years until he was bailed out by Master Algorithm.

Aaron, after he had revealed to have been interested in quantonium sciences but while learning much, he was unable to get the job because of his age. Now at age 25, Aaron was chosen by Algor to be his quantonium assistant for his plans to become omnipotent to successfully create a supercontinent to bring lost visitors back to Kratos after accidentally causing the Big Shake centuries ago. Though he winded up getting reformed after Algor's majordomo, Shamus von Phantomarge, planned to turn Superiors on Kratos normal due to a xenophobic speculation that other-worldly beings would declare a bloody war that would wipe them out. When he was defeated, Aaron gave up his experiments on the omnipotence-serum, espeically since that dispite his exbertise, he was far from actselly being successful in fault of such a potion being too complex and that Aaron is more or less somewhat of a twat, and stayed the temple scienctist.

Master Sergeant Aaron Solaris

Years later, he said that he knew self-defense and fighting skills after his days in power camp, and when Algor saw how good he was at it, he decided to make him a master sergeant of the new Super Ops Taskforce Agency, and was made the protégé of the leader of the Super Ops, Major Chance, who immediately appointed him as Master Sergeant, training him to become a proper Super Ops leader by the next year. Before hand, he was also given a partner who turns out to be Chance's childhood friend, Agent Kafka, a red-eyed tree frog who Aaron started to get attracted to, but not at first sight. When Kafka ended up expressing accusing skepticism about his past in a rude manner, Aaron started having second thoughts about his feelings. But when he is told by Chance of her past, he begins to immediately fall in love with her out of sympathy. While his growing distraction led to him being shot in the chest, he was treated. The bullet was removed, and he decided to be discreet about his attraction to Chance without actually having to lie, fearing that admitting his feelings would get her to scold him again. While he still has a crush on Kafka, he still didn't give himself to admit his feelings, and he knows not to lose focus in the battlefield.


Aaron's only superpower is light manipulation. He can absorb, generate, and manipulate light particles in various ways. He can create holographic projections, become invisible, and create visual illusions. He also has the ability to project light in various forms such as lasers, balls, explosions, shields, and even weapons. He can even become a being of pure light and move at the speed of light.