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Abdul Alhazred
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Vital statistics
Title The Mad Arab, Author of the Necronomicon
Gender Male
Race/Species Fire-Themed Demon
Faction Independent Nihilist Conqueror
Description Mad, Nihilistic, Intimidating, Extreme Anger
Skills and Abilities Natural Demon Abilities, Powerful And Forbidden Knowledge And Magic, Necronomicon Grants Unholy And Dangerous Power, Control Over Outer Gods
Status Deceased
Location *Irem, Arabia (Birthplace)
  • Irem, Dreamlands, Demon Realm (Long-Standing Residence, Deathplace)
Alignment Self-Corrupted

Abdul Alhazred, AKA The Mad Arab, was a demon from the Demon Realm of The Owl House. He was especially famous as a recurring character in the works of HP Lovecraft for being frequently cited as the author of the fabled Necronomicon, an occult text containing knowledge from beyond the Earth. He resembled Sa'luk, but was bigger, had tannish-gray pants robes, had black-gray-brown skin with fiery-red veins in view, wrists of volcanic wounds and monstrous clawed hands, hooves for feet, and large flaming red horns. His experience writing the Necronomicon gave him unfathomable knowledge of forbidden arts and magic, making him a match for even the toughest of opponents. With this power he resided in the forbidden eastern desert Dreamlands regions in Irem, the City of Pillars, inside a skeleton-littered dune of gray sands, red skies with active lightning storms, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and ancient Arabian ruins called the Azif Deadlands. Since his death in 738 AD after his abuse of the Necronomicon got his entire city in ruins and quarantined to the Demon Realm, Abdul had managed to figure out how to control even Outer Gods, such a power making him feared among the demons in the Demon Realm, to a point where an Outer God even mentioning his name can be punished by being sent to the Hibernation Realm. He was close to starting over and taking over the Demon Realm until he was defeated by Randolph Carter and his friend Frank Belknap Long, taking the Necronomicon and hiding it where he'll never find it, but at the cost of Frank being cursed into the entity known as 'Umr At-Tawil, the guardian of the Ultimate Gate, mentioned in the Necronomicon as a gate containing the most dangerous secrets and anyone who enters will experience the lives of anyone, while also founding a lifelink to Abdul through the Necronomicon, ensuring that they will always live without being slain together, making it their Horcrux. Abdul thus swore to get back the Necronomicon so that he may finally take over the Demon Realm and more. He started by corrupting the translators of the Necronomicon Theodorus Philetas, Olaus Wormius, Dr. John Dee, and the artist R.U. Pickman (Or so the offical story goes). Randolph gave the Necronomicon to a demon named Joseph Curwen, a former necromancer and mass murderer who was going to free 'Umr from this Horcrux curse, but could only do it with a magical sword with hundreds of sacrificed human souls inside which he collected and forced out experience with through his murder spree, and hoped through his story in The Case of Charles Dexter to be killed and resurrected in the Demon Realm to finish the job. 'Umr kept the sword safe and waited for another person to complete the ritual, because doing so himself would be disastrous. This finally came with Luz and her friends. But Luz, along with Yig and Ayi'ig, were killed by Shub in the body of Hiselle with Mischiever-based venom, and they needed the Necronomicon to bring them back before it was too late. Eda used her magic to control the three bodies and thus help 'Umr lift the curse, but not at the cost of Abdul finally retrieving the Necronomicon. Despite him fighting for it, Luz, Yig, and Ayi'ig were resurrected by the book, and Abdul was too late to catch them before they could stab the Necronomicon with the sword and kill him for good while also freeing Frank from his curse. Afterwards, the Necronomicon would be collected by Manuia and Abdul's former followers who were actually Manuia's Infinitaries, and be passed onto Lovia and become the Neonomicon, a much more benevolent reflection of the Necronomicon.


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