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Vital statistics
Title Devourer In The Mists
Gender Male
Race/Species Bioslime-Based Mischiever
Faction Azathoth
Description Malicious, Cruel, Cunning, Greedy, Constantly Hungers
Skills and Abilities Body Made Of Biomass, Can Replicate Body Parts, Act As A Parasite Of Any Kind, Can Absorb Biomass And Magic, Adaptable Physiology With Several Exceptions Including Lovecraftium
Status At Large In Blight Industries
Location Xoth System, Mad Rims (Birthplace), Boiling Isles, Demon Realm (Mischiever Home and Current Residence)
Alignment Villainous

Abholos the Devourer, AKA The Devourer in the Mist, is a Mischiever mass of devouring baseless slime and an abomination created by both Tsathoggua and Cthulhu through their own bile and tears. It is described as a great grey, festering glob of endless malevolence. He is known to devour anyone within his sight to grow stronger, being considered a forbidden summon to many Abomination Witches in the Demon Realm thanks to this after wild witches in ancient past tried to use him as a weapon of mass destruction. He drives people insane with his venom and his constantly-shifting biomass. He can even absorb magic itself to enhance his own capabilities. Though defeated by Randolph Carter and an old head of the Abomination Coven long ago, Abholos' composition of Mischiever biomass made him valuable to many evil witches who worshiped the Mischievers. But he would soon be awakened by Horrorwing, an old friend of Amity Blight's grandfather Prime Commander Blight, and after his rescue and Horrorwing's humiliation, he swore revenge by summoning Abholos from ancient lost rituals. But when Abholos took too long and when Horrorwing came to better appreciate Luz after what occured in Faust Vegas when he learned the hard truth about the Fantasy Realms and got exposed to a Choas Memory Hex, Horrorwing, eased of vengence, hoped that he'd be dealt with swiftly or even assumed that Abholos was just bullshiting Horrorwing just to spite him for being of the Conformity and wasn't gonna actually do anything just to be a dick to him, as he grew out of revenge. But Abholos was merely still doing what he was told by infiltrating the experiments of Blight Industries, which is a company run by Amity's family including her mother and Theodore's daughter Odalia, which revolutionizes Abomination magic by combining it with technology, working his way to gaining control of the company itself, and finally makes his move by abducting Odalia and her husband Alador, and replacing them with biologically-identical clones that pose as them and get Luz, Gus, and Willow expelled from Hexside, luring Theodore into a trap so that he can torment and shame the entire Blight family as Horrorwing once wanted, as his time infiltrating Blight Industries have given him near-unlimited control of the company itself, including its products. Eventually, Luz, Amity, Theodore, Odalia, and Alador all defeat Abholos together and send him to the Hibernation Realm. Since he was born from Cthulhu and Tsathoggua's bodily fluids, he has no prior Outer God form.


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