Ablorios Hone Woorf
Vital statistics
Title King Ablorios
Gender Male
Race/Species Gray-Spotted Cynogue (Canisyus albus glaucus)
Faction Eampapor System Ruler

The Animal Square Province

Description Fine
Skills and Abilities Skilled with Vibrosword
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ursa City, Eborade (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Eampapor System) (Hometown/Current Residency)
Alignment Mostly Bad

Ablorios H. Woorf is an Alternate UUniversal Cynogue from the mammal-populated planetary system of Eampapor. He is the warrior dictator of his system who rules with an iron fist. He has a benevolent past record, but it was a tragedy that ruined him. His beloved warrior queen, Jedilia, was killed in battle by a barbarian race of flea-like creatures called Fleeiths. The Warrior King became more barbaric and savage by the second, and was removed from power by his own brother, Cablorios. Eventually, with a powerful vibrosword found in a dark cave as well as the help of anonymous friends, he returned, and had his brother exiled. Ablorios is only waging this war to safe-guard his people from the sudden new dictators that gained power by mysterious and odd means, not realizing he is equally a pawn in this. He bares scars of past battles, and apparently is afraid of pants (which may seem strange had it not been for AUU sentient animals natural genitraction, or the ability to retract and detract their genitals at will). He still carries his vibrosword, called Hrinzing, which has unbelievable powers resting in it's advanced designs. He has proven to be a powerful force to not be reckoned with using this vibrosword, as well as his warrior prowess and the rage of his horrible past.


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