Bentley Snowman
Abominable Bentley
Vital statistics
Title Abominable Bentley
Gender Male
Race/Species Yeti
Faction Independent
Description Primitive, Aggressive At Times, Primitive English, Punch-Happy
Skills and Abilities Natural Yeti Abilities, Brute Strength and Endurance, Primate Agility, Intelligent Thinking
Status Alive
Location Dragon Realms
  • Yeti Mountains (Homeland and Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Bentley Snowman is a Yeti from the Yeti Mountains of the Dragon Realms, which is the world's version of the Himalayas. He is a semi-sentient giant primate with horns and despite not having a refined speech or club like his original Spyro games counterpart, and instead having a personality identical to Goofy Movie Bigfoot, he ranges from being docile to aggressive, and can instead use anything around him as a weapon. He is an orphan raised away from his deceased parents by snow monkeys with his brother Abominable Bartholomew as he served as a defender who ended up lost in the mountains forever after the Great Cleansing. He has been living here in solitude with his brother ever since until he helped Spyro and Cynder, who taught him how to control his unrestrained strength, and help them escape the cold death of the Yeti Mountains. He has been a good friend ever since.


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