Vital statistics
Title The Scourge of the Seas
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Sea Kelpie
Faction Indeendent Mastermind Sea Witch
Description Insane, Wicked, Strategic, Grudge-Holding, Monstrous, Frightening
Skills and Abilities Natural Kelpie Abilities, Harnessed Essence of Queen Abysswish Allow Connection With Magic Of Princess Maricolous
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
  • Location unknown...
Alignment Evil
Abysmalwish is a giant skeletal sea-foam-breathing seahorse-esque Equestrian Kelpie, much frightening than the one in the comics named Cassie who was beaten by the Mane Six's pets, who was the direct result of the death of Queen Abysswish, the previous ruler of Seaquestria and mentor to Queen Novo, who upon being turned to sea foam by The Storm King, as the foam bubbles she turned into upon death were collected by Squirk and Mantrek, as they used remnant magic from Geogra to infuse her essence into a recently-deceased kelpie and she was turned into the monstrous Abysmalwish. She became the new scourge of the seas and mistrusted both Squirk and Mantrek, as she took away much of Squirk's power as punishment for him disobeying her orders to get the pendant of Pizazz Corals and instead using it as a replacement for the Flashstone he lost when fighting the seaponies long ago, and even lost Mantrek when Storm King tried to dominate the seas as revenge for the Storm Clan Saga, resulting in Abysmalwish turning him into a sea hag, at least until her defeat in the hands, and hooves, of some unlikely friends, legends, and heroes.


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