Phineas Calliver AcSterdy

Vital statistics
Title AcSterdy
Gender Male
Race/Species Human-Mephean Hybrid
Faction Independent Criminal Profiteer
Description Orphan, Rough, Proud, Arrogant, Cruel
Skills and Abilities Holographic Equipment, Qooler Weaponry, Ackley the Gorebird, Amateur Combat Skill
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Djurango Valley, Eslurn (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Rixeon System) (Birthplace)
  • Danger Town, Iztrek (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Mirgoll System) (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Phineas C. AcSterdy is an Alternate UUniversal Human-Mephean from Planet Djurango. Whisked away at age 18 to Planet Iztrek, he became a well-known criminal of several magnitudes. Expert gunslinger, slayer, bounty hunter, gambler, smuggler, and later on gladiator hunter on many worlds across the AUU, and later rescuing a semi-sentient Gorebird egg and raised it as his noble pet Ackley who aided in his life. However, he seeks an impressive challenges, and will do any and all nasty deeds necessary, even having to be a poacher to do so. He is a criminal hunter with delusions of grandeur on par with McLeach who moved off-world to pursue a life of bounties. He is widely known for his smuggled holographic equipment and weaponry, mainly of the outlawed Qooler variant, and his best known skill in firearms and his coordination with Ackley makes him a force to be reckoned with.


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