Ace Jax Spix
Ace Spix
Vital statistics
Title Blue-Eye, Captain Ace, Captain Spix
Gender Male
Race/Species Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)
Faction Captain Celaeno's Crew (Formerly)
Description Scarred On His Left Eye, Prosthetic Left Hook Hand, Harpoon Chest Wound
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Strategic
Status Alive (Considered Dead)
Location Equestria
Alignment Good
Ace Jax Spix, AKA Captain Ace, is an Equestrian parrot from Abyssinia. He was once a member of Captain Celaeno's crew, having the nickname Blue-Eye until he was the first to die when the crew was enslaved by The Storm King as a warning against disobedience. But he survived thanks to seaponies as his body fell into the water. With no way of hopefully seeing Celaeno again, he went off as a solitary pirate until he found another member of Celaeno's crew Brutus Ararauna, who was the second to get nearly killed by the Storm King after a failed delivery. The two have since come to form a new pirate crew. Members of his crew comprise of other Abyssinians including Prima Penma Pluma, a peacock Ambyssian. Others include a toucan with two peg legs named Skurvy-Beak and his eye-patched cobra and Scroop-like lobster aids Fel and Locustam, a frill-neck lizard named Solvi, a rock-bodied swordsman octopus named Crinis and his rock golem friend Mon, an anthropomorphic orca whale muscle with an anchor for a weapon named Corcinus, a Bullfrog cook named Luto, a spider monkey named Repo, a tree frog ninja named Tae Das, an energetic seagull named Motus, a cannon-armed bear named Ekrage, a clumsy emu named Laevus, a crooked-bodied Lancetfish named Pravum, a Transylvanian-style bat named Succo, an undertaker turkey vulture named Saprus, a wolf named Morus, and a chainsaw-nosed sawfish named Vidit. Though his crew inevitably gets put in debt after they accidentally ruining Captain Sea-Bitter's near-slaying of The White Horn Sucker, a giant albino literal leafy sea dragon, forcing them to do what he says at the threat of selling them out to The Storm Clan, as Ace fears this, and wants to keep it that the Storm King's family never knew that he and Brutus survived.
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