Ace Parse Argon
Ace the Alpha
Vital statistics
Title Ace the Alpha, Ace the A, Leader of Team Positron, AUU Soldier (OUU Terms)
Gender Male
Race/Species Triger (Panthruga letigrus)
Faction Team Positron
Description Fit, Usually Paranoid, Benign Brain Tumor That Impacts Personality by 25%
Skills and Abilities Skilled Marksman and Leader
Status Hidden
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Cos Occest, Oaxa (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Ukonyx System) (Hometown)
  • Positron Gully, Iircen (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Siamaxus System) (Team Positron HQ)
Alignment Crazy Good
Ace P. Argon, AKA Ace the A, is an Alternate UUniversal Triger from Planet Oaxa. He serves as the crazed patriot leader and founder of Team Positron. Tough and well-armed, he's versatile, capable of both offense and defense, and is a former comedian who soon got involved in the military during the wars of the Villains Act, and formed Team Positron to combat them.

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Ace was born on Oaxa as the son of a space marine father, and had a mother who died several days after childbirth. He grew up and became a stand-up comedian who was famous for his dirty jokes, and hilarious stereotypes. However, his father came home to evacuate his son from his apartment when he discovered that the Oaxan Villains Act military forces called the Yellow Revenant invaded the city, and planted a fusion bomb in the hotel for some reason. He tried to diffuse it, but he was shot and killed by a Yellow Revenant soldier, his body being destroyed when the fusion bomb detonated.

Swearing revenge, Ace took his father's place as part of the Oaxan space marines. He served in a 12-year campaign against the Yellow Revenant until he helped his commanding officer defeat the leader, General Hextrus, and take down the Yellow Revenant completely. Becoming an official Class-1 General, Ace continued to serve the military forces until he himself was framed by an unknown villain, and was soon arrested. However, he escaped, and formed a new hero team called Team Positron, meant to combat the Villains Act for ruining his life.

Things soon changed when a Roozsian cybernetics professor named Doctor Ogel came into the picture. He was going to provide the currently-small Heroes Act with enough cyber-weapons to defeat the Villains Act. Ace had his suspicions, finding Ogel very familiar. He didn't know that when Ace was 2, Ogel was an old ally to his father who got him suspended after he rejected his work. Years later, he revealed to the Yellow Revenant where his son lived, and got them to try and destroy him in exchange for providing them with enough technology to bring down the Oaxan space marines. Thinking Ace was dead, he soon came back and was creating a cybernetic robot army to help the Villains Act destroy the Oaxan space marines after the Yellow Revenant failed to do it. But he soon realized that Ace was alive, and got him fired from the military to keep him from being a problem, then Ogel personally destroyed the milliterry later with help from some goons just to be a dick. Ace soon realized this, and lead Team Positron to defeat him, but at the cost of Ace himself gaining a benign brain tumor from the battle that affected his personality by 25%, making him more like the TF2 Soldier. While Doctor Ogel was soon fired and sent to Oranos, Team Positron was deemed as a myth and hid out on the overlooked outback planet of Iircen.


  • "D***S! YOU'RE ALL D***S!!!"
  • "Come at me and fight like a f****** triger, twinkletoes!"
  • "This is MY turf, and in MY turf, you belong to ME!"
  • "How does having your heart ripped out feel, sonny boy?"
  • "If I have to crack some skulls, I WILL!!!"
  • "I eat maggots like you for breakfast with eggs and bacon on the side!"
  • "I give the orders around here, tough guy!"
  • "You fight like my mother!"
  • "Get a life, you hippie!"


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