Mendel Shawn DeTrop
Vital statistics
Title Acquisitor, Superior All For One
Gender Male
Race/Species Lion (Panthera leo)
Faction Leader of The Kratosian Regressers
Description Disfigured Face, Superpower Injury That Makes Power Manipulation Temporary, Requires Life Support Mask
Skills and Abilities Superior Abilities, Unknown Amount of Stolen Superpowers, Can Manipulate Superpowers, Psychometric Powers, Super Flight, Invincibility, Can Improve Stolen Superpowers, Masterful Tactics and Intellect.
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
Alignment Evil

Mendel S. DeTrop, AKA Acquisitor, is a Superior lion from Kratos and the biggest arch nemesis of Almighty Mane, and the eventual leader of The Kratosian Regressers. Born during the Good-Evil Wars, he was angered that not only was he born a Superior, but the Superiors won the war. Thus he made it his goal to become a God and rule over an entire world of depowered Superiors as a penultimate vanguard, even taking a near-similar attire to a Greek God, as his unfathomable ability of stealing powers from others and cunning intellect made him a serious threat even when he first fought Almighty, who eventually injured his power manipulation to where he can only keep powers for a minute. He would eventually be responsible for his death by informing his brother Inmighty Mane of his restored Renaissance School, and setting up circumstances to have them both kill each other. Thus when the job was finally done, he'd become the leader of the Kratosian Regressers, aiming to restore his powers and finish his plan. He is the Superior version of My Hero Academia All For One, as he has the powers of power negation, power anchoring, power mixture, psychometry, super-flight, invincibility, and power adaptation.

  • MCode: IvPadPmiPnPoaPsySf.


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