Jennyfer Isabel Altitude
Vital statistics
Title Acrophobia, Superior Tsuyu Asui
Gender Female
Race/Species Pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae)
Faction Renaissance School Hera House (Future)
Description Jumpy, Bubbly, Occasionally Serious
Skills and Abilities Natural Frog Abilities, Amphibious, Limited Super Flight, Can Crawl On Walls, Super Agility, Super Long Tongue
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Soartown, Naritius (Hometown and Current Residence)
  • Renaissance School, Prometheon, Ibianona (Future Residence)
Alignment Good

Jennyfer I. Altitude, AKA Acrophobia, is a Superior pool frog from Kratos who trains in the Hera House of the Renaissance School. She is incredibly jumpy, bubbly, and yet serious in certain circumstances, and she has the ability to enhance her jumps with a limited flight ability allowing her to bounce across surfaces without falling until she inserts herself to proper center of gravity again. She hails from a land dominated by flying Superiors but she was one of the rare instances where she didn't inherit flight, and thus was mocked and given the derogative nickname 'acrophobe', especially by a Superior of a same hero name, until by learning she had limited flight abilities that she could enhance her jumping abilities, she not only stopped a criminal, but spooked the Superior into ironic acrophobia, shaming him and allowing her to take up his name and protect her home, outsmarting the best of flying Superiors and eventually being accepted into the Renaissance School. She is the Superior version of Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy from My Hero Academia, but has comical quirks from Toad from X-Men, and has the abilities of limited super flight, wall-crawling, super-agility, and a long prehensile tongue.

  • MCode: SaSfSphWc.


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