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Adiom Adam Taurkus
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Vital statistics
Title Leader of Sharp Fang, AUU Adam Taurus (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Pyrbra Empirid
Faction Sharp Fang, Grimmess Occultra
Description Relentless, Strong, Venomous Personality, Ruthless, Assertive, Violent, Chockey Accented, Showmen like persona, Not always what he seems or acts like, Persisent compassion for all Empirids and Grims reguardless of alinement.
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Venom, Red Flaming Long Katana That Absorbs Energy And Uses It Against Opponents, Grim Magic, Turns Into Living Shadow With Tense, Incredible Persuasion, Silver Tongue, Master of Wordplay, Talented Illusionist, Eye for Detail
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Remena (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rewben System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Not what he seems.

Adiom A. Taurkus is an Alternate UUniversal Pyrbra Empirid from Planet Remena. He is an elitist snake-like Empirid Half-Grim and the usurping leader of the Sharp Fang, an Empirid/Grim organization that used to be a peaceful rights organization for Empirids and Grims alike as both sides suffered discrimination and segregation due to being related to the Zyaūar Masters that were their enemies until that fact was lost to time. Ultimately Adiom took over the Sharp Fang and made them go from peaceful to violent, committing violent acts to those who mistreated them, making them treated equal by fear. However, Adiom has grown beyond just wanting Empirids and Grims to have rights to exterminate the world of discriminant non-Empirids and claim it as the new Empirid homeworld where Grim Magic is the accepted magic while other magic is the minority. He now serves as a pawn to Grimmess Occultra for fighting for their goals. This largely comes from the fact that Empirids and Grims have always been treated like utter garbage because of history not even related to Remena and his own personal loss seemed to give him the impression that it was only fair to have Grims and Empirids "Mirror thy enemy", as he would put it, to give Non Grims and Non-Empirids a painful taste of ironic poetic justice. Ruthless as he tends to be, he always seems to have a soft-spot for Bella Blames even after she joined the Remena Teams, implying that he doesn't mindlessly dispise or louthe any contridictorian, but isn't however hesitent to mock Bella for being against her kind, nor to those of the like, and always plays the "Your Parents" and "Your Kind" cards, which always gets to Bella to start questioning her choice, and usually they work until her team members ruin the attempt and forced Adiom to hold off for another day. And even then, he is rarely known to truely give up a fellow Empirid or dispose of them perimently because of being contridictory, as he would rather prove their choices to be serious mistakes when "Occultra comes through" for them, and only then would his ways, intense as they were, actselly being the right way. However, being a mysterious sort, even that might not be accreate as Grims are known to be convincingly dark-humored tricksters. Since losing Bella and by extention her sister, he has two new partners in the form of a Wasp-Like Empirid named Trifie Webbonx (AUU Trifa) and a Bat-Like Empirid named VesBan Chaeron (AUU Yuma). He is the AUU version of RWBY Adam Taurus.


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