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The Administration of Conformity, or sometimes abridged as "The Conformity" is an authoritarian govern group in the Demon Realm of The Owl House. It is a conglomerate of normalcy in a realm that used to be known as the Fantasy Realm until it was ruined by the Mischievers including their leader Azathoth, who ravaged the land with giant titans whose colossal skeletons litter the land. Afterward, a former individual Fantasy Realm God from the namesake era named Administrator Ordain issued the formation of the Conformity for the loss of his perfect life and happily ever after upon ascending to an Outer God of order. Before him, the Conformity was a faction for giving order to the Fantasy Realm called the Administration of Fantasy and was left with nowhere else to go after the Mischiever rampage. To this day, the Conformity seeks to establish order by any random means necessary in a world poisoned with chaos.


The Conformity was once known as the Administration of Fantasy founded by angels during the Fantasy Realm Era. These angels were peacekeepers of the realm and made everyone's wishes come true. But the demons and other dark creatures that are now the primary inhabitants of the Demon Realm resides in the expansive underworld. For ages this era prospered until the arrival of Azathoth and the Titans created by Summanus and Thanaroa. Their chaos was reigned 'in the name of balance', but in truth Azathoth wanted to make it into a place where he can birth beasts on par with the Darkspawn. While the Mi-Go were able to chase off all Mischievers back to the Mad Rims, the Titans were slain by Pre-Outer Fantasy Realm God Ordain, primarly more so Bo'il the Boiler, while titan that barely survived were finished off by the demonic inhabitants surfacing while the angels were merely powerless to defeat the Titans, resulting in them retreating to higher pastures like mountains and any other remaining Fantasy Realm remnants.

After this, the Administration of Fantasy was under the threat of collapse since demons became the dominant power after the Titans' rampage. The demons were able to sway all the survivors into abandoning the qualms of the fantasy realms and forsaken the angels' advice because of this, dawning the Demon Realm Era. Worst off, the angels could not prevent the spread of Titan's Blood, which was a very unstable magic substance that infected the realm with Mad Rims energy and turned it into the Lovecraftian land it is today. Nobody would listen to the angels and they even ignored all their laws and rules to bring forth the Savage Ages, an era where covenless witches ran rampant and so did wild magic. Thus, the Adminstration of Fantasy died out with the angels losing themselves since angels were falling left and right because of the changes, many becoming corrupt and turning into fallen angels as a result, starting with the infamous Lucifer who would abandon the Conformity to become the founder of the Satan Coven, they could not properly maintain their mission.

Then came Ordain, a surviving Fantasy Realm God turned Outer, who returned and refounded the lost group as the Administration of Conformity, and then decided to take drastic measures by using his power to conform many demons into their ranks. This allowed many demons to support their efforts with utter servility and pride, and some pulled through as grand political agents including Emperor Hellion and his son Belos in the Boiling Isles region. But the demons who finished off the Titans Ordain greatly wounded with the Gem of Purity despised their goals as it was merely a desperate method of returning the realm into a bygone age. Thus coalitions like the Goetia Nobility were founded at first through rogue kingdoms that would be ravaged by the Conformity, leaving 72 leaders of these kingdoms to band together and found the city and grimoire of Ars Goetia, while many of their subjects became familiars. This sparked the negative views of demons on the Conformity that would go on to this very day.


True Members.

  • Administrator Ordain- An Outer God of Order and the founder of the Conformity whose life was shattered by the downfall of the Fantasy Realm and does all that he must to bring it back to this era.
  • Archduke Unicornus- A Unicornian (an anthro unicorn being) Archduke of the Forgotten Kingdom and secret-co-founder and benefactor of the Conformity who is among the only few members, himself and Horrorwing primarily, who knows what Ordain is, and is strongly against the distain to any Outers outside of the Mischivers and is referent that the hatred and blame goes to the Mischivers as the ones who ruined the Fantasy Realm, and thus would stop at nothing to ensure that Ordain maintains the Conformity leader's position no matter the ugliest of controversies. Being a remaining Unicornian that hasn't been converted to a chaos equivalent, Unicornus is the most aggressive of the Conformity about bringing the Fantasy Realm back and why the Conformity is even doing what they're doing at all, and is thus a very intelligent and very persuasive silver-tongued that can sway anyone to see things his way, making him the most extremist of the Conformity.
  • Horrorwing- A crane-wyvern-pterosaur demon (Or Un-Natural Horror) who served as the previous Prime Minister of the Conformity with the goal of becoming an Outer God of Order and has an aversion to weirdos because of his upbringing and rotten experience with bullies that happen to have VERY weird fetishes. He ascended after his father, Temperwing, who Horrorwing was unaware of the fact that he left under circumstances of doing something too controversial in overaction to the defiance of a remaining Fantasy Realm land within the Boiling Isles.
  • Minister Bu'ttus- The uncle of Ba'ttus who is a minister that handled minor domestic issues as it was Wing's job to handle larger affairs. While Bu'ttus at first glace acts like the expected fare of any over-controling conformity member, deep down he does care for Ba'ttus and any over-baring strictness was meant to keep her safe after what occured with her parents. Issue is that Ba'ttus' behavior has a known habit of making him look bad, which forces a further soured stance with her.
  • Baron Kuber- A blonde demon who serves as the banking and financial head of the Conformity. He typically tries to keep out of politics and stay within the realms of being fiancel head, something he espeically wants to do cause of the Conformity's ill-rep. He has a particular reputation to instinctually facepalm after hearing about the "Latest Controversey" the conformiity did, which had increased espeically when Luz came around. It got to the point where he now has a perminant hand-print on his face.
  • Headmaster Quezton- Sometimes also referred to as "Prime Senator". A Quetzalcoatl Serpent who heads the political affairs of the Conformity in it's Conformity Senate in the Conformity Dimension as well as being leading representor for any trips to the Demon Realm. Quetzalcoatls are renown predators to demons as his species has long wiped out Pre-Demon Realm Demons of the Fantasy Realm underworld in order to maintain peace and purity and are just heralds of order, as the venom of both their fangs and scorpion tails are highly potent to demons. Quetzalcoatls, being god-based in nature, are immortal, but being damaged enough does put them in a hibernative state to recover from such injuries if intervened. Quezton is considered the last of his kind behind his daughter to remain their pure selves, as Nycrama corrupted the rest of the species into being magic-eating Basilisks, in thus, out of grief, Quezton had originally lead the march to ban mix magic and lead to the rise of Brand Marks, along with having okayed the Conformity and Emperor's coven's aggression to wild magic cause of his endling-based depression.
    • Senator Wispkins- A sentient Will'o'the'wisp and one of the last remaining cause of the Titan Attack. In the Fantasy Realm times, there used to be an entire land of Will'o'the'wisps and were the peaceful distributers of magic in the Fantasy Realms. But the titans destroyed his homeland and many of his people were consumed and converted to wild magic, which understandably is why he allowed Wild Witches being prosecuted as they were, purely out of having wild magic contained in hopes to one day bring his people back, and cause of this, he doesn't shy away to being rough to anyone that defends letting wild magic run loose, regardless of being aware of why they did so, thus making him among the stricter senators of the Conformity Senate.
    • Senator Charles Horseman- A high and mighty and indigent member of the Conformity Senate who's quick to dislike anything that compromises the Conformity's aims and never apologies for such. He's been noted most for being a repeat headache to the existence of Faust Vegas in relation to a personal past with it's former counterpart as "Fundainia". Come the controversy onto the Conformity, he defected and became an Emperor's Coven Warlock and leader of a new subdivision called "Fundainia's Restorers", in truth that he saw the controversy as an excuse to not be restricted to what Ordain actually wants to focus and have more freedom to seek out Faust Vegas and "End it's ways for good".
    • Councilor Nightflight- A senator who is of Horrorwing's species and is also a councilor for Serannian. He holds sway over all sky and water businesses in where he resided and has much control over the Conformity's Sea Division as a result. He defected from the Conformity to primarily focus on his duties as a Serannian Councilor ever since Ordain was exposed as an Outer, but he would later lose this after an attempted conspiracy against the wedding of it's princess and Kuranes' king, being the prime figure of trying to force Serannian's ally to rely on themselves in trying to avoid Serannian being financial troubled, alongside hoitiness towards Kuranes' more rustic nature when compared to the cloud city nature of Serannian.
    • Senator Flybo- A Flying Elephant Head Monster who's known to be very defensive of the Conformity and highly protective of it's name, and is easily frustrated with any that compromises the peace they try to bring, but in the same hand is also in truth a coward who immediately retracts everything the moment he's sure there is no handle on the situation at hand.
    • Senator Buffalon- A Water Buffalo Demon senator and a notoriously stern and hot-headed member of the group. He once represented the Minotaur Race of the Fantasy Realm, but the Titans' attacks caused by the Mischivers left them so dramatically few while he and others were turned to be more like Bovine based demons of random species, his cause being that of a Water Buffalo. He thus despises the Mischivers, and by unfair extension, all and any outers, thus being that he was a leading figure of trying to okay the reducing of Ordain's political influence upon his discovery as an Outer, an action that would later prove costly to the prideful buffoon.
  • Coatilia- Quezton's idealist daughter and known outer apologist. By all means she is against the Mischivers, but wants it that they are viewed as representive of themselves, not all Outers, and is against any other Outers being treated poorly, especially when Ordain turned out to be such himself. She is however extremely fragile and prone to emotional fits, and mixed with that she is the most powerful Quetzalcoatl for her age, if allowed, she can be a very powerful and forceful Conformity Leader, something that if controlled by Unicornus, can become very dangerous.
  • Chairmen Falbambor- A Chairmen of operations for the conformity and Salamander Demon. His quickness to protest the standerds of the conformity's ways was met with an over-kill punishment of being petrified to stone, and added to that his naysay was so unpopular that the added insult to injury included his statue form being destroyed after he was petrified. This lead to his sons going out of their way to found the Den of Liars ever since.
  • Inspector Deadmen- A vulturine demon and top investigative authority whose necromancy is unrivaled.
  • Dr. Dabadguy- Camside's head of their famed Asylum and their extremely important super-genius of the Conformity. Being of Horrorwing's species, he made himself a cybernated body to not be held back by biological limitations and also dons synthetic skin to be presentable. His recovery of the Gem of Purity lets him believe that it can permanently destroy chaos energy and truly restore the Fantasy Realm once and for all. However, Dabadguy himself is in truth actually a victim of a Mind Destroyer in being why he's so astronomically intelligent, something Ordain had kept secret about him in feeling like they can't waste his brilliance just because it was gotten from a less desirable origin, even if Dabadguy is abit off his rocker and infamously known for his extreme de-demonfying methods that can almost be viewed as torturous.
  • Theodore Blight- A once prime commander of the Conformity forces until he was getting too close to Ordain's secrets due to trying to get Horrorwing removed and upon a disastrous attempt at the mad rims was among the those of them lost.
  • General Walnus- A crippled Walrus Demon who speaks through an artificial voice system that sits on a specially designed wheel chair. Inspite of having a very weak heart, even starting to suffer from magic-based cardiac arrest, he's well renown for being a general that always gives perfect strategies and never loses at anything, even for being VERY close to the Conformity's strict retirement age.
  • The Conformitorium Guards- Various guards that work in the Conformity's well renown Conformitorium that serves as an asylum like prison, chiefed by the Sin Wardens.
    • Warden Wrath- A large amorphous demon wearing a Plague Doctor mask that is the head of the Conformitorium
    • Lookout Lust- A flirty Dragonoid Watch Tower Observer and Wrath's college. She's very admirent of Wrath's prowess and strength, but is very envious of Wrath's "Silly Crush" onto Eda.
    • Guardsmen Gluttony- An extremely fat hippo demon guard that focuses more on food than his actual job to the point that he stays too much in the mess hall and literally eats until the over-indulgence of food makes him sleep like Snorlax with a major mess in his wake.
    • Guardsmen Greed- A pigmen demon that really, REALLY likes money to the point that his room is FILLED with "Confiscated Contraband Money" or "Generous Tips", implying that he's been stealing bail money and/or accepts bribes and hoards the money to himself. He's been known to roll around in piles of cash like a pig.
    • Patrolmen Pride- A Lion Demon that over-dresses himself in expensive and over-the-top badassery weapons cause he takes WAY too much pride with himself in that he sings a made-up themesong (While Tone-deaf), and patrols while strutting as if he's a real beefcake, but he's basically the Johnny Bravo of the demon realm as even succubuses can't stand his flirtery.
    • Sentry Sloth- A literal demon sloth that literally does nothing but sleep and snore..... How did THIS guy got the job?
    • Embassy Envy- The Prison Representative Anthro Black Widow Spider who actually has some locked up personal feelings for Lookout Lust, but the Lookout's clearly straight nature and the fact she is eyeing Warden Wrath makes her lividly jealous, and is thus responsible for making Wrath gain an interest in Eda (Outside of her being a Succubus) and manipulated him to be into Eda, thus getting him snagged into being into her, so to frustrate Lust into an unwinnable love triangle so to lead her to her. Her fingers are like long spider legs and the iconic hourglass in on her back which is exposed in a regel gown.
  • Sheriff Hammington- The Boiling Isles' assigned sheriff. An egomaniac Pigmen Demon who can actually be abit of a wimpy joke at times.
  • Superintendent Grassson- Hexside's Superintendent, a giant Coconut Crab demon covered in grass with un-paralleled strictness.
  • Orangurilla- Grassson's top prefect and top muscle and as his name implies, he's a mix between a gorilla and a orangutan.
  • Director L'andgrab- A moose centaur who is the director of distributing land rights. He's well-meaning but a notorious clumsy buffoon and abit of a easily intimidatable coward.
  • Madam Crab'applebee- The over-all head of education for the conformity, and a giant apple with roaring worm-heads moving her around, has bee patterns on the apple, and a giant bee face on its front, and wings on the back.
  • Gallstrich the License-Maker- An Ostrich/Gallimimus Un-natural horror and the license Maker for the Conformity that enables demons to be given special pardons for particular quirks often situated in the sheriff's office that sits in a notoriously rough neighborhood in the Boiling Isles, thus being the only reason why people would go to that place. While as highstanderdsy as any conformity member, she's actually one of the more nicer members.
  • Deputy Sphinxza- An anhtromorpthic Mythic Sphinx with the head of a Sphinx cat from Ulthar and a leader of her own personal team. She's more then aware of the Conformity's problems and thus is often more interested to try and have her actions represent only herself and the group she leads and not the Conformity as a whole so to be better appreciated as a hero.
    • Dr. Zebbus- An Anthro Zebra Unicorn and the practitioner genius of the group who always makes the perfect weapons for any situation. He's a light-hearted eccentric but does well to take things seriously when needed. His own genius lead to him being drafted into the Conformity because one of his inventions, based on Lovecraftium, scared away the Mischiver Basatan from attacking his home, believing that using these inventions will do the same. Zebbus is by no means a Conformity fan, but he's no fan of the Mischivers' chaos neither, and thus he didn't protested the draft, but made clear that it's not the best thing to happen to him neither.
    • Serpontes- A Serpent Person that joined the conformity to show that just because his people worship the likes of Set and Yig doesn't mean the Serpent People have no respect for order. He is a very spirituality cautious member and is the group's voice of reason, while also being a very accomplished poison-based assassin, abit of a cliché trait of his people, he's aware, but he can at least make it work. Serpontes is very loyal to the team, Sphinxza especially, down to that he's more loyal to the team then the Conformity as a whole, being more then aware of the Conformity's sour reputation.
    • Yasuni- An anthromorpthic Kitsune Fox demon from Yomi that is extremely against Yomi's infamous traditions of human consumption down to that she embraced being exiled from there "For being weak" with great dignity, though is none the less sadden of being outcasted by her home, if at least for the sake of her kinder but helpless family. In such, cause of the bitterness of not having the nerve to eat humans, Yasuni is a strict vegan and soytarian. Her failure to eat human meat earned her conformity attention and was drafted because of "NOT embracing Demonacy", wanting to have her as an example that if a Yokai can resist being a demon, then so can others, and was placed with Sphinxza's group. Yasuni has abit of a closeted crush on Sphinxza cause of how welcoming the Deputy is inspite of her stoic and gruff nature, though in because Sphinxza's straight in nature, Yasuni has to keep this crush a secret, confiding this only to the other members after asking them to keep quiet of such.
    • Ba'ttus- A fairy-sized bat-winged Meerkat demon that is very good with archery to surprisingly fatal degrees inspite of her size. She also has extreme snark and wit to her and doesn't shy away from being honest to a fault. She's also free-spirited and a prankster, extremely UN-Conformity approbate traits, clearly only being here cause she had an uncle that's with the Conformity and was dragged here cause of it. Though her antics get much, her humor is much appreciated with the team.
    • Sana Francisca- A hawk-winged Flamingo demon that's amongst the top three beautiful members of Sphinxza's squad and certainly the most graceful and elegant of them. While she can be hoity-toity, coming from a nobility family with very high Conformity connections, Sana does bare a heart as golden as her family's fortune who came from a place of not wanting to see the poor or less fortunate suffer from things like criminals or even the Mischivers and their antics just because the rich are usually better protected from such under the Conformity, this being among many other things that made her critical to the very group her family were otherwise unapologetic supporters off. Out of the group, Sana was the first to learn of Yasuni's feelings for Sphinxza and has been the most compassionate and respectful of them, and though she secretly has her own secret feelings for Yasuni and knows that Sphinxza is a determined straight, she none the less wants Yasuni to be happy and does what she can to try and see how she can make things work regardless of knowing it would never work.
  • Madam Euthanasia- A vulture-headed Pterosaur un-natural horror and the madam commissioner of the pet trade of the conformity, who is rather infamous for having a dark word associated to pets all things considered, and rather infamous counter-intuitive practices. She has two pets in Roselle, a Rose-Covered Gazelle, and Dottie, a Bulldog-headed frog, of which she commonly turns them into Pride Demons to be made into temporary holders of her shop in the Boiling Isles while she does far off business, of which often to her annoyance the two often half-mindedly usurp it as a means to prevent their fellow lesser demons from being adopted, yet she none the less cares for them, albeit being blind to the fact that their relationship is abit of an unhealthy one and is in due need to be snapped some sense into her.
  • Wistomka T. Urtle- A turtle demon and the conformity's commissioner of Libraries. Urtle had always personally soughted out the Necronomicon to secure it and prevent it from being a danger cause of the actions of the book's previous owner.
  • Director Moss O'Ox- A Moss-covered Musk-Ox demon that is encharged of the care of the forestres of the Demon Realms and has a great distain to things not considered natural being left on the forests, which includes discarded Palismens, being extremely environmentally cautious. But like L'andgrab, he has a fearful respect for Giraffes for their influence in nature.
  • Talos Maan- A raccoon demon and the conformity's head collector and recycler of discarded Palismens who more often then not likes to toot his own horn and is rather egocentric and proud of himself. His greatest enemy is the Bat Queen, who to him is for some reason protective of Palismens, not aware that she's one herself, just for giants.
  • Mon Capitan Le'Pood'Lebutt- The poodle hellhound and primary leader of the Conformity's Sea Division in Whaler's Cove and entrusted with a vast crew to capture demon realmian sea and sky creatures and local sea natives alike to be taken back to the cove and being cured of the chaos influence. Le'Pood'Lebutt has a personal crush on the princess of Serannian, abit of a notorious hopeless romantic. After an encounter with Luz Noceda and troupe though, Le'Pood rethinks his hopeless pursuits in favor of a same race bank president in the Richer Mainland who always had admired him, Purdy Yorkshire.
  • Sir Eric- A figure for the Conformity's place in Zothique and an adversary of the famed Re-Animator.
  • Ward- One of the Conformities most organized and strict members and perhaps among one of their betters.
  • Thorn- Ordain's personal caretaker for the shrine of his lost lover. Thorn, in being left alone alot of the time, ended up endeveloping chaotic tendencies of trying to lore curious people after a youth granting flower he made up to eat them.
  • Dr. Clownbozo- A clown demon that's the figure of the Conformity's branch for entertainment designed to keep the masses occupied. He looks like the modern interpretation of the IT Clown, but with Ringmaster Garb. He was a former scam partner of Eda's before a con gone bad lead to his capture while Eda chickened out and ran, leaving him to being conformatised to serve as a controller of carnivals and circuses sanctioned under the Conformity. While he is loyal to the conformity, he does have his own priorities, as he did not shy away from going after the heart of nature so to create the perfect circus beast and use that to ascend to being the new boss of the Conformity and have everything be more circus based.
  • Bruutok- A dignitary of the Conformity and a notorious brutal demon. While loyal to the conformity, he would prioritize himself at a moment's notice if he felt like things have REALLY gone down hill.
  • Admiral Bullreguard- A trunk-nosed Buffalo Un-Natural Horror and airship fleet admiral of the Conformity that has mass control of all airways of the Demon Realm that riddled the skies with patrols and enabled the Conformity to have massive air control. He has a great sense of loyalty to Quezton and does not hesitate to adhere to anything that any relitives of Quezton would say.
  • Foreman Gnawman- A Beaver Demon with a prostectic chain-saw buck tooth and the head of the Conformity's Lumber Industry. He's passionate about taking down tainted plants of the demon realms to later replant Fantasy Realm flora with aid of specialised machines that suck and trap chaos energy in so to ensure the new plants won't be tainted by the chaos energy. His most desired project is to go after Shaggai Forest and remove the tainted and invasive alien flora to introduce proper Fantasy Realm objects, but issues with the placement of the Shan traditionally prevent that, so his loyalty to Coatilia's aim to rebel against Belos (who he himself is already against for the mere fact of Belos' contridictory aims would compromise his projects) is beyond assured when she had personally autherised the removal of the Shan to be deported under Mi-Go care as Shaggai forest faces assured removal and replacement, however, these projects would earn him a serious enemyhood with Raffia and her sister for the mere act he's even taking down plants, even for the aim of the well intentions of removing dangerious demon realm flora, which is worse cause Gnawman is of a demon race that has a fear-based religion of giraffes that normally scares them from even messing with a weed, and Gnawman's no exception to this gospel, but the expectation that no giraffes are left makes him less fearful of doing what he's doing unless there's proof of giraffes still being around, of which the infomation had been obscured from him to ensure productivity from him. He has a netourious enemyhood with O'Ox cause of clearly contridictory professions and how O'Ox is normally the biggest obsicle to alot of his projects. Gnawman is mostly abit of a wise guy mannored person often known for his sense of humor yet also a shared love for flora, albeit he justifies tearing down Demon Realm Flora under the Conformity 's Traditional justification of because the plants being "Tainted by the Mischivers" and sees what he does as a nessersary evil to help the eviroment heal, also arguing that alot of Demon Realm flora is hazordious and dangerious to people whereas Fantasy Realm plants are safer.
  • Judge Kage- A Shinigami from Yomi, stooge of the adviser of the Oni Prince and her personal stand-in for conformity representation on Yomi, espeically after it was cured of Azahoth's influence by Horrorwing back when he was Orderwing under Mril. People are often surprised of Kage being with the Conformity in cause of the whole "Yokai are Azahoth's children" thing, of which Kage VIOLENTLY LOATHES and was a motivation WHY it is the case to basicly DESTROY the idea of Yokai association to all things chaos! (Even if he ended up not being the First Yokai, that ended up being Yasuni). Kage is also a fierce independence advocate against otherdimensional interferience as is the prince's adviser.
  • Matthew Hopkins- A very infamous witch hunter and a demon realm equivalent to Erron Black of the new Mortal Kombat games. While a conformity member, he usually does his business solo, but he doesn't shy with working with the other Conformity Members "If the Payroll is good", otherwise indicating that Matthew is usually a loner in nature.
  • Mongrel G'Oose- A Conformity Elite from Camside and a infamous snake hunter surnamed as "The Snake Eater". This is the type of guy very much due a harsh lesson from Yig.
  • General Armm- Camside's Best Conformity General and an Armidillo Demon covered in so much armor that even the eyes have a natural armor to them. He is actually an old friend of Temperwing, Horrorwing's father, who completely understood him better then all of the Conformity, but holds aggressive bitterness to Abegast for his terratory of the Fantasy Land patches in the isles refusing to adhere to Conformity Rule during the twilight of Temperwing's reign, which forced his friend to make a costly mistake that got him petrefied, and is thus unsympathic to any with even legit personal gripes with the Conformity and would justify even the worse actions. Apart from this he has a good kinship with Temperwing's family, down to even being viewed as like an uncle to Horrorwing and is a childhood inspiration of Horrorwing's to not be a weakling cause of Armm's strentgh alone.
  • Lord San'Di'But- An intelligent but netouriously ill-tempered Scorpiontaur that was the grand adviser of the rulership of the Capital of Gak. However, Luz's actions and the Conformity's already bad reputation growing more and more undesireable would put San'Di in bad graces with the current sultan of Gak, forcing him to eventually usurp her until this was corrected by Luz and group during a trip to capture Hammington and Greed on a special bounty case. While San'Di did share the desire for the return of the Fantasy Realms, San'Di was enough of a realist to see that just the ideal of doing so with even Ordain and the Gem of Purity is not enough, as his personal aims more so involved wanting to revive the Chimeras of Gak and destroy chaos with the purer energy of the great giant beasts. He has abit of a bad habit of punishing followers with his fast-acting venom for the uttering of certain nicknames obviously made based of his actual name, or equally decapitating folks with his scorpion claws, showing that San'Di is amongst the more intense of the Conformity.
  • Commssioner Whirl O'Pool- An Albatoss Demon and the Sea Safety Commissioner who is self-disgraced as being the cause of the Selkidomus speices to be endangered (Added to that the creatures have a unique reshource considered highly valued) and had desired the full destruction of the creatures because a rogue Grey Selkidomus consumed his family and left him stranded for days, which left him to be fished up and rescued by a passing Conformity Patrol ship. He was also once in full control of a whaling operation in Whaler's Cove, but then his apprentice, Le'Pood'Lebutt, betrayed him for having compairingly better ethics of wanting to cure sea life of demonacy rather then killing them off, which wasn't hard to convince the Conformity to remove Whirl of being head of Whaler's Cove to instead be left to stay in a Lighthouse at the docks of the Boiling Isles, in light that O'Pool had a nefariously bad habit of making ethicists and protectors of wild life be made to watch the death of a Selkie they protected or even be made to kill such themselves, to then be thrown into the boiling ocean of the isles anyway as a final act of spite, ergo he was the ugliest controversey bait of the Conformity behind Horrorwing and his father, in cause he was far from a desire sea safety commissioner in that he's suppose to ensure water safety, not go after an entire spieces for what one rogue did. However, this doesn't restrict O'Pool from forcing whatever followers he had left to still go after whatever Selkie could happen to be near the isles, in becaue O'Pool deemed them all to be irredeemable monsters (Irony is lost to this bird). He suffers from a crippled impaled wing cause of Selkie spines stuck to him, and carries a crutch made from Slekie bones that is also a harpoon gun he uses when needed. He originally lost all ability to fear death, but a fatal encounter with the Golden Guard for being a threat to Belo's grand plan ended up restoring it in the end after his entire Demon Crab army were beaten with little effort like they were nothing.
  • Gell O'Ton- The Conformity's Chief Executive Over-Seer of all products created in the businesses of the Conformity, espeically for Blight Industries as a more personal venture being that he was once a blob demon revived into being a sentient abomination by Dr. Dabadguy. On the surface he is obedient enough, but Gell secretly has it out for "Solids" for the genoside of Blob Demons and turning them into the more mindless abominations during the foundationing of the coven systems by the conformity, with Gell being given his sentience back by Dabadguy as a prototype for ungoing de-extinction projects meant for the likes of the Will'O'Wisps and Queztalcoatals not turned into Basalisks, along with the personal function of being meant to be a weapon against blobby Mischivers like Abholos and Abhoth as prime targets. However, this mission would prove to be ill-granted to a blob demon with an understandable personal grudge. Gell desires to go after Abholos and Abhoth to become an ultamate blob figure to get revenge on the solids and restore Abominations of lost sentience. As of the time during ironically enough, Abholos causing trouble, Gell was reported missing, meaning Gell desided to seek out his deires. But in doing so, it left Blight Industries out of Conformity reigns and enabled Belos an easier ability to influence the company without Conformity retriction.
  • Chef Mangeur Fe Fees- The Conformity's head of the Culinary Branch, an implied famous Crystail Ball Cooking Show celeberty known for very by the book recipe cooking, and an elephant Pig Demon with a name in French that literally translates to "Fairy Eater", is essentually another pre-Luz controverseal figure of the Conformity known for trying to advocate for the creation of "Fairy Pies" as a means to curb the population of chaos-infected fairies. Previously he was held back, but come Belos getting the reigns, Mangeur was able to slip by the rader and was able to make Fairy Pies a thing. Added to that, he would later turn out to be Y'Golonac in disguise meant to, ironically enough, try to make the Conformity look bad, a feat he found was a pointless gesture as the Conformity was already riddled with it's own bad press that Y'gol was just along for the ride in a cushy seat. But that ride would be ending when he tried to go after Luz via the very pies he tried to make happen with Xinlurgash and Yog-Sapha along for the attempt.
  • The Gremlin King- The King of the Gremlin Race and the conformity's chief leader of Demon Realm Reformations' Branch, which basically oversees alot of the Conformity's de-demonisation projects, that joined the Conformity as a means to reform the Gremlins and their scam happy aways. But in bitter irony that exact problem would end up getting him fired from the True Blue Conformity cause of how increasingly bad Gremlins kept getting. This had lead to him to make a fatal mistake of seeking out Belos for help in return to the would've been capture of Horrorwing at the time of his Abholos mistake being revealed and Luz. Alas, even dispite his careful still genius planning, he was not prepared for Luz's hyper-adaptiveness to what was another issue she dealt with alot already before. He's known for not being a fan of the misconception of Gremlins being of Enno-Lunn, of which is basically the same kind of lie designed to control those infected by Mischiver influence to believe themselves as direct creations, and makes it a point to correct the confusion immediately.
  • Peter Binsfeld- A Conformity member that holds reponsability for the classification of demons, of which is considered useful for the aims of de-demonization attempts to best understand how to de-demonize a demon. However he would come to lose his nerve cause of how his talents lead to suffering and quit in recent time. Alas he would end up being the puppet of a latest Mischiver problem for Luz later.
  • Ambassidor Ambassito- A Lord Shen-Like Peacock Demon who's netourious of being highly indignant and elitist with a not very high viewing on the coven systems, something the Conformity was responsble for, and believed them to be a political waste of time, espeically more so to the Emperor's Coven, as Ambassito was a strong believer that the Conformity should've been the one and only group that govens the demon realm. He's netouriously unforgiving to any that compromises the Conformity, even if it was for a good reason or if it wasn't anyone's actual fault. This makes Ambassito the biggest elitist jerk the Conformity has in their members gallery. And this very attatude against the Emperor's Coven would lead him to the path of his own unmaking when he tried to make another True Conformity movement that got later exposed by Hunter.
  • Grand Master Bloodmoon- A winged Hellhound Dalmation/Greyhound mix with blood red spots on a moon-white coat and founder of Therianthropy Coven, a coven he has considerable pride in, but was cut short cause of the Conformity's uneased with the assoiated power and was instead reduced to be the head figure of Coven System inspections. He made a personal deal with Ordain himself that if he can get rid of the Mischiver-Corrupted Moon Spirit, Ordain with no quetions asked will get the coven be given another chance, of which Bloodmoon takes the promise almost demontrously seriously, even if circumstances involved with later became of Ordain and Belos' growing vicegrip would've made this prospect no longer desirable, but his love for an "underappresiated gift" has drove Bloodmoon to demented determination and violent angry outbursts, of which would only serve his own undoing.
  • Bamtochio- A Deer Cherub that's head of the Conformity's Thesbian Regulation Branch and is also the Mascot of the Conformity, who's job it is to use the conformity's own "Conformity Theater", a magical moving theater that emulates the fantasy realm with it's own natural magic that is used publicly as a means to remind folks of the joy of the fantasy realm and ergo justify their methods, but behind the facade the theater is also a secret means for the Conformity to punish nayayer, traitors or critics into becoming puppets cause of the teaater's magic string making magical spinning wheel, trapping such people into an augmented reality of the Fantasy Realms and indoctrinate them. Bamtochio tried to use the stage exactly on Luz and her allies, but fell victim to irony thanks to Amity being able to use his own stage against him during his number.

(More to be revealed).

The Technically Associated

  • Emperor Hellion- A lich from Zothique and Emperor Belos' father who had been the previous leader of the Boiling Isles and had been the one who had Lilith curse Eda for his goals of controlling Mischievers by harnessing the power of Mlandoth and Mril Thorion, but could not achieve this when he was assassinated by a covenless witch rebellion, leaving Belos to take his place and finish the job.
  • Emperor Belos- A lich from Zothique who serves as the political stand-in for the Conformity in the Boiling Isles, ergo is not considered a true member but rather more like a figure head for direct influence, with secret plans to harness Outer God power of order and chaos to permanently stop Mischievers, among other intentions. In cause he's not really of the Conformity, he is more like a figure of his own group, the Emperor's Coven. In time, thanks to being possessed by Azathoth and Cthulhu, he will serve his role as the central canon antagonist by taking over the Conformity entirely under Azathoth's possession to take advantage of his plans for the Day of Unity for another chance at defeating Luz.
  • Hunter- Emperor Belos' non-lich nephew and a rather immature warlock in a golden mask who serves as the new leader of the Emperor's Coven after Lilith's betrayal and has been assigned to watch over Luz, Eda, and Lilith. When Azathoth decides to possess Emperor Belos in an attempt to use his Day of Unity plans to his advantage, Cthulhu in turn possesses Hunter for the same purpose.
  • Lucifer- An archangel and one of the earliest members of the Conformity who went rogue upon seeing the Demon Realm as something that inspires needed change. Now by all means the Conformity as a whole does want the Fantasy Realms back and in thus they do want to change the Demon Realms, but Lucifer's problem is that his methods are hypocritically more demonic then the Conformity were comfortable with, which is next to 0 given their whole deal of wanting to AVOID embracing demoness, and thus, he would be fired for extremist actions and would go to form the Satan Coven across the Demon Realm, so in a way he's no longer of true Conformity colors and thus the Satan Coven is not sanctioned under the conformity.
  • Baphomet- One of the Conformity’s finest imperial warlocks, albeit he is more with the Emperor's Coven as he resigned Conformity-hood a good while back in respecting Belos more, whose place on Earth mythology has been pertained to his power and the horrid things he did in the name of Belos, but he was finally killed when he was possessed by 'Ymnar.
  • Azrael- An archangel known in mythology as the Angel of Death and was one of the finest magic law enforcers alongside his partners Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. They were all eventually killed by Nycrama. In technically they were more with Belos then truly the conformity, but they do enforce Conformity made laws.
  • Samael- An archangel known in Talmudic human mythology as an Angel of Death, possessing a single wing as a fallen angel. But he would be framed by Atlach-Nacha for albeit something he was gonna be guilty of actually doing anyway and executed by Lilith, and then in turn possessed by Algol. He too was more aligned to Belos then the Conformity, if in fact he once tried to expose Ordain's outer heritage, but because Belos had secretly knew but didn't wanted Ordain out of the way yet until it was convenient, turned on Samael, leading him to become angry with both Emperor's Coven and Conformity.
  • General Buttsinguard- A leading General in the Dreamlands that while not a true member, is very Conformity like and has been known to try and have the Dreamlands embrace conformity influence, but on top of the Great Ones own disinterest over, over-all actions, the actions of Luz being able to beat many of the Dreamlands Mischiver problems, even if not always perfect, without direct Conformity input, has only served to keep the general from true membership, and by extension, kept the Dreamlands from being dragged into the Conformity's standards. Buttsinguard is a notorious critic to the Mischivers and any and all influenced by them or those that are a point of contention of why they would act out more then usual. Basically the guy's a stiffy jerk. After an attempted betrayal, he would since be held in a statis pod by a de-mischviered Ghadamon.
  • Matriarch Divina- A sacred ruler of the Mount Celestia terratory in the Plainslands, and while not a true member, has always been considered a strong advocate for the Conformity in desiring to return the Demon Realm back to the fantasy realm. She had attempted to atthive so herself, but would end up being assassinated by Banished Realm Demon Assassins hired by Anti-Conformity Chancellors of Arborea to prevent Conformity spread into the Plainslands. After this, Divina was given a beautiful though closed casket funeral due to the graphic nature of the assassination, as the Anti-Conformity Chancellors ensured that Divina's replacement would be Divina's extremely undisapleaned but controlable rebelious daughter Princess Indivinia, who absolutely hates the conformity and a sure fire way to make sure the Plainsland never embraces the Conformity. These same chancellors would then use Divina's death as a bad omen that embracing the Conformity would always lead to doom.

(More coming soon...)