Osmolla Treetor Froshner
Vital statistics
Title The Administrator of Maan Incorporated
Gender Female
Race/Species Suessin (Stiffavius suessius)
Faction Globex Warnomics (Formerly)

Maan Incorporated

Description Elderly Cyborg
Skills and Abilities Intelligent, Planning Ahead, Leading and Speaking for Gryson Maan
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Exxeville, Extroy (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Siamaxus System) (Hometown)
  • Iircen (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Siamaxus System) (Maan Inc. Location)
Alignment Sympathetically Evil and Supportive
Administrator Osmolla T. Froshner is an Alternate UUniversal Suessin from Planet Extroy. She is an elderly secretarybird-like avian with a smart cybernetic right eye who was a former worker for Globex Warnomics, and is one of the many people that sympathize with Gryson Maan, after GW was shut down by a wrongly-chosen general for the Legion of Dominant Races, even if it was over a budget issue that Gryson was being stubbern about. As a result, she serves as the public administrator for Maan's new black market company, Maan Incorporated. She helps the company wit black market trades across the AUU, which were rarely for the Villains Act. She also has an assistant in the form of a canine named Miss Jauling, who despite being a bit moral, is still loyal to Osmolla. Osmolla's motivations for joining Maan Inc. are debateable and varied. Some claim a former sectratary for Globex before she heard what happened to it's removed branch of Warnomics, and simply quit in disgust of the Legions reckless decidion of having a cruel asshole shut down a branch over money, argueable justifyable reason or not. And the claim is not 100% wrong, however, there is more to that then just a simple case of renigade employee, but also someone who actselly has a romantic interest with Gryson, as well as feeling that the Warnomics issue should've been something that was handled by Globex itself, NOT the Legion, and hated the Legion for butting into what was exclusively "Globex's issue", feeling as if the Legion in some way violated the Infernus Rule, even thinking that Warnomics still had a purpose, if not now currently, someday when a new issue arose, it just needed to have it's budget balenced out if they were "so damn concerned" about the money issue.


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