Vardan Vol Krugum
Admiral Vol Krugum
Vital statistics
Title Admiral Vardan Vol Krugum, Leader of the Rabodan Military
Gender Male
Race/Species Rabodan
Faction Rabodan Military
Description Cybernetic Head Implant, Elderly
Skills and Abilities Accurate with Coiled Assault Rifle
Status Alive, Unknowingly Working for Archduke Londus Shoralke in a conspiracy against current leadership
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Wargan City, Rabodia (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Plar System) (Hometown)
Alignment Mostly Leaning to Good, Though Mislead

Admiral Vardan Vol Krugum is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Rabodia. He is the current head of the Rabodan Military, and while he can be very strict and mean at times in more ways than your basic drill sergeant, he is still a very honorable enforcer for his people. He has been a fighter for the military since he was 18, being trained by his rough yet loving father into carrying on his military legacy even though his father was never an Admiral. Vardam moved up the ranks so much, he continued impressing his father. His strict and rough personality even helps in his legacy. But while it could be beneficial to him, it could be beneficial to others like Archduke Londus Shoralke. Londus, as a spy for the Villains Act, needed two people to work for both sides of his double-agent position. While General Flark Ga Roop would serve as his bad side assistant, Vardan would unknowingly serve as his good side assistant, being far better and competent than Flark. But Londus goes out of his way to try and hide his true colors from Vardan because if he even noticed something wrong, an unstoppable investigation could lead to his downfall. While Vardan is unknowingly being fooled by the lies of Londus, he still fights for what he knows, or believes, is right.


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