Mary Janice Talona
Advisor Talona
Vital statistics
Title Advisor Talona
Gender Female
Race/Species Velociraptor mongoliensis
Faction None
Description Superanimal, Cold-Blooded
Skills and Abilities Super Agility and Longevity, Omnilinguism, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Force Fields, Bio Manipulation, Probability Sensing, Self-Sustenance
Status Advisor to Jem
Location Hades, Kratos
Alignment Loyally Good

Advisor Mary J. Talona is a Superior Velociraptor from Kratos. She lives in the Kratosian underground land of Hades, all dominated by dinosaurs that see life in a whole different direction. She is the advisor to the ruler of Hades, Jem. She believes in the same philosophies as her adopted father, Kem, but she doesn't believe it as much as he did. In fact, she not only agrees, but she believes that freewill can actually be used by Superiors for great good instead of great harm. She had brought it up to Kem himself when she was young, but he seemed to disagree. Since he died, she became his daughter's advisor, and was instructed to keep a close eye on her, and protect her at any cost. She has a greater understanding with safety. She's smart by nature, and she knows how to keep secrets accurately, and believes that some have to be revealed for everyone's sake. When Jem accidentally murdered Grotch Prometheus and covered it up, she knew that someone would take advantage of it, and use it to destroy Hades. She knew that someone worthy to protect her had to help. But nobody she knew could be trusted with the secret except for a few allies, including her childhood friend and rookie of Jem's royal guards, Zalman Seeker the Troodon. Her powers include super-agility, super-longevity, omnilinguism, teleportation, telekinesis, invisibility, force-field generation, and undocumented abilities such as biological manipulation, probability sensing, and self-sustenance.

  • MCode: ???FfgIvb???OllSa???SlTkTpo


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