Aellyce Resha Hirsch
Vital statistics
Title Aellyce the Graceful, Aellyce Willow
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Quseware
Description Physically Active, Gymnastic
Skills and Abilities Trigger-Happy with Dual Blasters, Grinds across City with his Husband and 4 Children, Expert Game Competitor
Status Living with family.
Location Gamerene
  • Crom City (Hometown)
  • Tetragon (Former home)
Alignment Supportive Wife, Morally-Good Competitor

Aellyce R. Hirsch is a female athlete from Gamerene and the childhood friend and later wife of Gamerene's greatest gamer ever Quse. She is a high-spirited girl with just as much skill as her husband, and the two shared the same love for gaming and action, playing together in extreme playgrounds and go-kart racing. They eventually went their separate ways when their families separated, and they wouldn't meet again until 6 years, where she ends up joining Quse's team and helps him beat Vyctor Ware and become the best gamers. This impressed her so much, the two were married, and had 2 teenage twins and two younger twins. All 4 children were gifted in gaming even at a young age, and they became a stronger team, beating Vyctor in 5 annual gaming events.


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