Aero Slade
Aero Slade
Vital statistics
Title Slade Athro Haynes, Slade, Former (Not entirely Willing) Spy for the Villains Act
Gender Male
Race/Species White-Spotted Gvaaast (Gvaastayvis maculatus)
Faction Villains Act (Formerly and Not By Choice)

Heroes Act (Future member)

Description Fit and Exercising
Skills and Abilities Agile, Quick, and Stealthy Flier, Hardly Uses Weapons
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Stratulus, Aviton (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Aphronion System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Reformed
Slade A. Haynes, AKA Aero Slade, is a Alternate UUniversal Gvaaast from Planet Aviton. He used to be a spy for the Villains Act attempting to stop the Thunder Chasers from protecting the Aphronion System from an upcoming Villains Act invasion cause the villain's act was threating his family as a prime general was ransoming them by making Aero swore loyalty to the act and doing everything they ask in return to have all family members safe. However, he was arrested before he could completely pulled it off thanks to Hudson Turbo, and that of very imcomident villain's act spy. To make up for it, he revealed to Hudson the location of a Villains Act General's hideout, and the two became allies.


Slade was born on Planet Aviton with rich parents. He was playful as a chick, and grew up as a fan of the notorious Thunder Chasers, which protected the Aphronion system from invasion and treachery. He wanted to join them, but he soon got his wish the wrong way. A Villains Act General named General Tex arrived and bribed Slade to do his bidding by threatening his parents' lives (which Areo didn't really realise it was nothing but a scare tactic to mentally malmitulate him to espionage the system's only protaction against the VA). The Villains Act helped him become a member of the Thunder Chasers, and was told to get secret files from them so the Villains could destroy their main HQ, and be free to take over the Aphronion system. But when Hudson got in the way, he tried to frame him for the crime, but thanks to an incompitent Villains Act spy cheering for him, he was arrested.

After months in juvenile hall, he met up with Hudson again, and made up for his actions by revealing General Tex's hideout to him, allowing Hudson to defeat him, and save his parents, who luckly, Tex didn't kill because of the fact that it wasn't Slade's fault and because Tex is strongly beliveing in being honorable and compassionate to even the life of enemies unless forced. Since then, the two became great allies. Slade will soon be chosen to be part of the Heroes Act.


Slade doesn't have that many abilities, but he has an extraordinary flying speed. He can fly over 90-180 mph, and has good eyesight, able to see extremely far, and pinpoint his target easily. He has a sharp beak for striking opponents. He also has great strength, with a strong talon grip, has vast agility and endurance.

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