The Louge and the Mane 6 deside to take a vacation in Dragon Realms africa and visit the festivals of the Hippos and Giraffes after a rather extreme day of fighting evil and alot of recuring happenings in the Alternate universe. Their stay in africa is enjoyable and pleasent for everyone, exspeically Fluttershy who enjoys the ungite african animals now having the chance to properly interact. However, she faces the thing that will require courage to tame: Love. She fell in love with A zebra tribe warrior named Nu-Guna, who convinently happens to share Fluttershy's love for unsentient animals. Problem is, Fu-Xi is outragiously jealious of this. Viper and the gang help keep Fu-Xi from losing it, while Fluttershy's friends talk her out of falling in love with Nu Guna. However, when Fluttershy discovers that Nu Guna has a girlfriend, and Nu Guna thought Fluttershy wanted to be friends and was the real reason why he hang out with him, Fluttershy heart is painfully broken as she ran away crying. Nu Guna apologies for everything, as he helps the lougers to find Fluttershy, who gets herself in trouble by Pouchers who plan to make a heavy profit. Can THIS Finally stablised a hardly blossomed relationship of Fu-Xi and Flutters?

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