Alexus Gina Xanthis
Agent Alexus
Vital statistics
Title Agent Alexus, The Genius, Brainy-Girl, Genius for Team Scattergood
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Scattergood
Description Fictional, Enthusiastic and Loves Adrenaline Rushes
Skills and Abilities Agile, Expert Engineer and Scientist, Expert Gymnast and Markswoman
Status Fictional
Location Pixellania
Alignment Good

Agent Alexus G. Xanthis is a human who is a supporting main character in the game Omicron II. She is a blonde who was a former worker of Pixel Defense Industries until she joined the rebellion against Viral Vi-tor. She helped Agent Ralph escape his sentence in the Great Edge of Pixellania, and joined his elite unit Team Scattergood as their brains. She seems to shares a love triangle with Ralph and Agent Tiffany, and she has a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, and has a personal love for fighting.


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