Bryson Mitch Kickx
Agent Bryson
Vital statistics
Title Agent Bryson,The Brawns, Brick, Brawny, Muscle and Demolitions Expert for Team Scattergood
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Scattergood
Description Fictional, Muscular and Some Signs of Mental Problems
Skills and Abilities Uses Heavy Weaponry and Explosives
Status Fictional
Location Pixellania
Alignment Jokingly Good

Agent Bryson M. Kickx is a human who is a main supporting character in the game Omicron II. He used to serve in the rebellion against Viral Vi-tor as a demolitions expert with his father. However, when his father was turned into a pixellanium beast that got killed and put out of his misery, he swore to never let pixellanium ruin his life again. That meant he became the demolitions expert of Team Scattergood with Agent Ralph who wields various forms of explosives and even heavy weapons. He is often a jokester who likes to make fun of those he kills, always cracking jokes when doing so.


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Bryson appears with the same outfit as Agent Ralph, except he has a sleeve that is red instead of blue, and he has golden-brown hair.

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