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Druce Avry Chomp
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Vital statistics
Title Agent Chomp
Gender Male
Race/Species Vyranasaurus Trex
Faction Union of Independent Systems (Formerly)
Description Merciless, Brutal, Resentful, Tough, Cold Heart, Misguided Morality.
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Cybernetic Transforming Arm Cannons, Cunning Strategic Intellect, Size, Massive Physical Strength And Durability, Manipulative Mind.
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tyranno (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rex System) (Homeworld)
  • Delta Station (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Corionus System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Complicated Morality

Agent Druce A. Chomp is an Alternate UUniversal Vyranasaurus Trex from Planet Tyranno. He was well known for being among the best agents and enforcers for the Union of Independent Systems thanks to his expert tactics, cunning and unpredictable mind, and his omnic cybernetic transforming arm cannons. Feared by even The United Usurpation Force, he was a serious enforcer of the will of the UIS and despised naysayers who think that UIS is evil when they only exist because of the incompetency of the United Sentient Races Alliance, and as such he has a personal vendetta to completely annihilate the UUF, the biggest naysayers of the UIS. But his methods for that goal were often merciless and ironicly make UIS look evil, but these methods are unknown and disbelieved by the UIS, as they put too much pride and trust in him. Thus he continued to murder and genocide much of the UUF in a barbaric and criminal way. But his crimes were eventually proven by Qoria and he was not only finally defeated on Planet Tholotune despite him putting up a good fight even after almost turning her against the UUF in trying to arrest for the assult of Dr. C'reep because of him turning her into a robot when he was a beloved helper of the Bioshans and how even her own people came to appresiate the good C'reep does when not doing extreme methods to naysayers, even more so that he was trying to fix a rampent socity destroying madness deciese that makes Gameteans violent and were in danger of becoming a hostile race that would've ravished theit native isolated system and potaintionally beyond if not for C'reep and UIS intervention, thus after Qoria was able to prove Chomp the worser of two evils while being respondsable of getting C'reeps out of his coma to begin with in reckitising his impourence, her personal feelings aside, Chomp was imprisoned in Delta Station for being a UIS race member, albeit into a wing for higher risk members due to his intense actions. He is in many ways similar to One Piece Sakazuki.


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