Ethan Terry Oboler
Agent Ethan
Vital statistics
Title Agent Ethan, The Healer, Ethy, Medic of Team Scattergood
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Scattergood
Description Fictional, Generous, Offering
Skills and Abilities Intelligent, Acrobatic, Expert Marksman and Healer
Status Fictional
Location Pixellania
Alignment Good

Agent Ethan T. Oboler is a human who appears as a supporting main character in the game Omicron II. He is known to be a medical expert who served in the rebellion against Viral Vi-tor who became friends with Agent Ralph since he was able to heal a pixellanium ailment that was nearly impossible. Ever since, he was offered a chance to become a member of Team Scattergood as the medic to fight against future enemies such as Craborg. In gameplay, he will often provide nanomedicine for the player during firefights, and use a nano-glove to heal those of his team that are down.


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