Agent IX
Agent IX
Vital statistics
Title Agent 9, Simon, Subject IX, Leader of Division IX
Gender Male
Race/Species Tufted Capuchin (Sapajus apella)
Faction Division IX

Mega-Sci Corp (Formerly)

Description Genetically-Engineered
Skills and Abilities Naturally Acrobatic, Genius, Srategist, Stealth, Marksman
Status Still Serving Undercover
Location Dragon Realms
Alignment Good
Agent IX is a monkey from the Dragon Realms that is a secret agent working across the globe with 8 other monkeys, all being former experimental test monkeys for Professor Joule, who was intending to revolutionize the science of intelligence in monkeys, keeping up to 9 monkeys as test subjects, including Agent IX. The experiment made these formerly-unsentient monkeys intelligent and capable of doing secret agent work, forming a team to do secret missions for Dragon Realms Interpol. While Agent IX is a bit trigger-happy with the many sci-fi laser guns he keeps in his warp-pack, he and his team are expected to do stealth missions since, being genetically-engineered monkeys, they attract too much attention from a few corrupt scientists. They have been friends with a few other secret agent taskforces including The North Wind, having similar technology and skills, and even do several undercover investigations to bust criminal underworlds such as the Thieves Guild and the Mafia Alliance. Even Mega-Sci Corp, the company that Joule worked for, assigns them for missions involving shutting down their many controversial experiments by order of it's new supervisor, Blake Hoskins.


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