Pyrena Rita Kafka
Agent Kafka
Vital statistics
Title Minor Head Agent Kafka, Minor Leader of the Super Ops
Gender Female
Race/Species Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)
Faction Super Ops
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Wall-Crawling, Telekinesis, Force-Fields, Invisibility, and a Psychic Shield

Knows Tai-Jitsu, Wields Custom Railgun Pistol

Status Serving in the Super Ops
Location Kratos
  • New Athens (Hometown)
  • Prometheon (Super Ops HQ)
Alignment Good

Minor Head Agent Pyrena R. Kafka is a Superior Red-eyed tree frog from Kratos who is the 4th-in-command and Minor Forces Commander of the Super Ops Taskforce Agency. She is acquainted with Major Chance and is the partner of Aaron Solaris. She and Major Chance started off as childhood friends who grew up fighting in the Kratosian FBI. Major Chance went up the ranks while Kafka became a minor leader. Soon, she retired to become a member of the Prometheus Temple's security until Master Algorithm appointed her to be a member of Super Ops, being partners with the Master Sergeant and Chance's new protégé, Aaron Solaris, Algor's former scientist and reformed criminal who forms a crush on Kafka, though not exactly at first sight. Her bad first impression on him crushed any dignity Aaron had on her, but when he heard about her haunting past, his senses were raised once again. She is a genius in quantum physics and is a bit experienced in mechanics. She took tai-jitsu in her youth, and is a very skilled and agile fighter. Her powers include invisibility, force-field generation, telekinesis, wall-crawling, and a psychic shield. She also wields her own custom railgun pistol which delivers a massive shock to it's target.

  • MCode: FfgIvbPshTkWc


Kafka was born in the Kratosian city of New Athens. She grew up as a needing and wanting tadpole, even during the time she hatched. When she grew to the stage where she could walk on land, she attended school. The problem was that her personality was a little bad, even to her parents. While she was an A+ student, and was a genius in a few classes, she had a bad habit of making lousy impressions to people, even though she was among the most popular students in her school. It's because thanks to learning about society being flawed and over-focusing on positive things that are often brief and never last forever and other problems, she grew to become very cynical and she was rather infamous of always speaking her opinion on society, even if it's generally and harshly true. Nobody wanted anything to do with her, and she was often alone, being an outcast, and even a target for bullies to make fun of in the form of other popular, and often mean girls that are critical of her not behaving like a popular girl should and acting more like a nerd. But then came the day she met Chance at age 7. Chance was the only student in school who showed some compassion for her, not because he felt the same way, but because he believed she was going in the wrong direction.

The two quickly became friends who, upon graduation, had admired each others' hopes and dreams. Chance wanted to be a person of law-enforcement while Kafka wanted to be a genius in quantum physics and mechanics. They believed that if they combined their dreams, they would be something stronger. So they began signing up for several police forces across Kratos. Though Kafka was constantly reminded of her past and had her feelings briefly hurt a few times, she still stands by her new life. She served with Chance during his time in the Kratosian FBI as a partner. But that period was only 3 years when she retired and became a member of the security of the Prometheus Temple. She never saw Chance again for quite a while.

However, the two were lucky to be reunited when the Super Ops was finally ready. The two became grand members. Chance became the head officer of the HQ in New Athens while Kafka served as the head of the Super Ops' Minor Forces. But she was rather surprised when she heard that a criminal was joining their ranks as Master Sergeant just as a means to improve his reputation as a former criminal who aided the previously-forgiven Master Algorithm. When she first met her new partner, as expected to the Super Ops, she made a bad first impression, expressing a personal skepticism of Aaron, of all people, to be included in a police force because of what he did to a popular school kid. What she didn't know was that Aaron started to develop a crush on her, but her accusations crushed it. Yet being reminded of her past is what pushed his senses back. The two had begun fighting alongside each other ever since, and ever since Aaron's distractions on her lead to him getting shot in the chest, he got too scared to admit his feelings for her since he's afraid she would scold him.


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