Owen Kelly Mathis
Agent Mathis.png
Vital statistics
Title Agent Mathis, Math, Mathy, Agent for the Crystal Agency
Gender Male
Race/Species Little pied cormorant (Microcarbo melanoleucos)
Faction Crystal Agency
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Great, Self-Absorbed, Rushes into Missions Without Thought
Skills and Abilities Super-Agility, Omnilinguism, Healing Factor, Night-Vision, and Psychometry.

Carries Different Gadgetry and Equipment

Status Fictional, Still Serving Crystal Agency
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Dawnlight Shores, Kratos (Fictional)
Alignment Good

Agent Owen K. Mathis is a fictional Superior cormorant published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is a member of Grotch Prometheus' top-secret Crystal Agency police force that investigate unsolved cases. Since he made his first appearance in the comic book series of the Victorians, he gained his own comic book series. He occasionally becomes too self-absorbed in his work, and often attempts to rush into missions without thinking things through. Yet, most of the time, it doesn't matter because he wins in every mission. His biggest adversary isn't a Superior. It's an interdimensional supervillain named Grigmor Waxplaxer, an odd, complicated, Discord-like, deranged, and kangaroo/monkey-like mad genius that wants to power himself with quantonium, and has associated with an infamous quantonium-smuggler group called the Quantum Smugglers, lead by the crime lord Hog Boss. Mathis interrupted many attempts of Grigmor and Hog, but he is still working on stopping them permanently, once he knows how to trick Grigmor to saying his name backwards, that sent him back to his own dimension permanently, to be done with him for good. Unknown to him, Grigmor was a genius in sciences, and he is sure to return someday. Since his defeat, more supervillains challenge Mathis, to which every single one he must stop. Aside from his wide array of gadgets, his powers include invisibility, super-agility, omilingualism, a healing factor, night-vision, and psychometry.

  • MCode: HfIvbNvOllPsySa


Publication History

Originally, Agent Mathis was just a character by the creator of the Victorians to exist just for the sake of existing. He was basically created to be just an ally and that's it. However, fans of the Victorians began to like Mathis and he began to become a fairly popular character. And XD Comix knew this all too well, and its superiors want to take advantage of that popularity. And Thus, the creator of Mathis' own spin-off, a like-minded fan of the character, John Morcran, gave Mathis his own comic series, and the fans ate it up like it was food from the buffet. He became a cultural hit that made XD Comix espeically popular.

However, Agent Mathis would momentary suffer the worse of XD Comix's misguided and poorly advised attempt to have "Edge" in their comics, and it suffered the worse. The most infamous of this was "Red Talon", a very murderous super-villain who was SO controversial, he had to be reinvented as a complete goofball to save the series from cancelation and discontinuing, as well as to discourage lawsuits from angry parents and comic agency boards, and even went as far to recall the original version to the point that any left-behinds are declared to be as valuable as the treasure of Atlantis to well-resourced comic super-geeks. A very few number of the original violent versions of the Red Talon issue were left, while a much more kid-friendly version became dominant. Overtime, the legacy of this series recovered greatly, and ironically, it's controversy also made it even more popular cause it created the "Kid/Adult versions" system that made the comics even more available and unintentionally made XD Comix a worthy friendly rival to Generation Comics, though it's argued that such a thing could've been achieved without momentary sacrifice of reputation.

Comic History

Owen was born near the ocean next to some docks on Kratos. He was the son of a police officer mother, and a fisherman father, along with 6 other siblings. He was different from all the other siblings because he enjoyed violent shows even as a little chick who was too young for them. He seemed to be well-behaved, however, but in his teenage days, he went through much of a youthful rebellion, and had even been violent, even against his own siblings. But one day his actions go too far, and the next day, the exact same sibling ends up dying in the hands of a killer who tried to rob their home. Blaming himself for this, he flees his own home fearing his own family would hate him, and moved on to try and gain experience to become a security guard for Prometheon.

But fortunately, fate took a different turn for Owen. While he was able to gain an internship, he discovered the top-secret Crystal Agency, which he had heard stories about in his childhood days, and never believed were real. In fact, they were his inspiration to being a security guard. Things go crazy when he winds up getting signed up for the Agency by complete accident. The leader, Commander Hierarch, doubts his potential and thinks he wouldn't last a single week in training. But much to his surprise, he has a lot of potential. He apparently had the courage inside of him all along to withstand the pressure. He had tried so hard to explain the accident, and he wouldn't give up until he finally explained it. But once he discovered how much he fought to explain it all, he found that the Crystal Agency was, in fact, where he belonged this whole time. He was then made an official rookie to the Agency. He went up the ranks and became a junior agent with a Class 3 level. He was among one of the best agents around, and even became their trademark agent. He had eventually gotten into hundreds of amazing adventures, and fought several enemies, and even gained a girlfriend in the form of an antihero bird.


As a Little Pied Cormorant, Mathis is capable of winged flight. But as a Superior cormorant, he can fly more efficiently and much more gracefully. He has super-agility that allows him to accurately keep his balance and dodge various forms of gunfire and artillery. He is also capable of healing wounds quickly with his healing factor, but is not able to replace missing limbs. He can even understand an infinite amount of languages with his omnilingualism. He has the power to turn invisible to make himself undetectable on even radars. His night-vision allows him to fly in the night and that adds to his agile flight and invisibility. His final ability is the power of psychometry, which allows him to tell the past and present of any machine or person by a single touch.

Aside from his powers, he has multiple kinds of gadgets and weapons. He has explosives, a small taser, and a projectile assault rifle. His gadgets include an array of collapsible hardware tools, hacking arrays, and some shield devices to protect him from major attacks. Plus, in the case his healing factor should fail, he has health stimulation substances to help repair his injuries quicker.



  • Femme Fatale- A Superior red-footed booby who originally served for the Crystal Agency until she was discovered to have been hired by an assassin to kill Mathis. But she couldn't bring herself to do it because of how handsome he was, and even though she tried to explain, she was fired, forcing her to become an antihero. Over time, she and Mathis discover a lot about each other, and after they remained stranded on an island for a week in a half, they form a romantic connection, and fall in love. She still does herowork for a living, but she never gets the nerve to return to the agency. Her powers include psychometry, omilungualism, super-agility, night-vision, and a healing factor.
  • Commander Hierarch- A Superior bison who is the head of the Crystal Agency who admires Mathis for his accomplishments, and named him the number one agent. He commands his agency like a boot camp sergeant, but isn't as stressful as one. He has an insulting mouth, but he is wise and has a good heart. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, an iron skull, telepathy, and omnilingualism.
  • Victorians- A team of Superiors who are minor allies who Mathis makes appearances in their comic book series. They may've been illegally granted superpowers, but when they take down a terrorist organization with Mathis' help, they are accepted into Kratosian society.


  • Grigmor Waxplaxer- An interdimensional kangaroo/monkey hybrid who hired the Quantum Smugglers to help him gain quantonium to give him the power to take over Kratos. He was Mathis' arch-enemy for a while until in one issue, he finally gained the superpowers to take over Kratos. He named himself 'Grigmor the Unstoppable', and took over the Prometheus Temple and killed those who stood against him. He enslaved the Crystal Agency into doing his bidding, and it's not until a final battle against Mathis that he is sent back to his dimension permanently. However, his genius proved to be too great for him to be out of the picture entirely, for he still retained his shapeshifting abilities and used them to frame most of the Crystal Agents for crimes, which nearly caused the Crystal Agency to be taken down forever. He nearly destroyed the planet until he was executed by Mathis. He has the personality of Discord, and when he has his powers, he enjoyed spreading chaos. He proved to have been one of the most difficult villains the Crystal Agency had ever faced in his last appearance.
  • Hog Boss and the Quantum Smugglers- Hog Boss is a Superior pig crime boss who raises 5 piglets that all work for the Quantum Smugglers, an entire crime organization lead by HB and Grigmor that smuggles quantonium around Kratos, and had once even gained control of all the quantonium on Kratos after Grigmor was sent back to his dimension permanently. Even though he has his goofy moments, he tries to get things for his crime organization done in what he considers the most practical way, even if it means force and violence. He is an egotist that has everything his way and destroys whoever disagrees with him, and he gets angry when he is called 'big pig'. Even though he's stolen a great amount of quantonium, he still retains a perfect amount of superpowers, never bothering to take a single sip of the stuff, believing that he has enough powers as it is. Being a pig, he is rather nasty and often likes to mess with people by covering them with mud. His powers include super-endurance, super-flight, vortex breath, freeze-vision, omnilingualism, psychometry, and power augmentation.
  • Red Talon- A Superior Cinereous vulture with the personality of Fagin, and is known to be a bloody and gruesome murderer. He was rumored to have been denied for a chance to join the Incursion because of his insanity. He started out having various superpowers that he used for his own diabolical means until the Crystal Agency threatened to turn him in if he refused to give up his powers. When he resisted, he was taken to jail and stripped of his favorite superpowers. That's when he escaped, stole most of his powers back, as well as a few others, and began killing allies of the Crystal Agency for revenge, even eating part of them. He framed Mathis for less-gruesome murders, killed 2 of the agents, nearly killed Femme Fatale, and even blew up the Crystal Agency HQ. It wasn't until he was crushed by a crane that he was stopped forever. During the original comics' production, the writer denied it's release because Talon ended up being too imfamous and too violent. That's why the new release made him more child-friendly, replacing all the violent scenes with less-violent ones. He was made that way by a writer that was too crazy and tried to boost the ratings with the violent Red Talon. His powers included a titanium skeleton, fire manipulation, super-agility, super-endurance, X-ray vision, a psychic shield, and formerly his favorite, invulnerability.
  • Ape-X- A Superior gorilla who had originally hired Femme Fatale to kill Mathis as an act of revenge on the Crystal Agency for costing him his job and the love of his family. When she goes too soft, he gives himself plastic surgery and gets hired by the Crystal Agency so he can get Mathis jealous of his superior skills, and get Hierarch discharged from being leader so he can replace him, and kick Mathis out for his jealousy, causing him to lose the trust of his fellow agents and Hierarch. Even though he refuses to help the agents after they don't listen to his warnings of Ape-X's revenge after being told of it by Femme, he finds that he can't let his work be destroyed by Ape-X, and he defeats him, sending him to Superior Jail. His powers include X-ray vision, super-strength, super-endurance, super-agility, telekinesis, and psychometry.
  • Insaniac- A Superior jackal who was abducted by Incursion as an experiment before the Victorians, but when he disappeared and caused damage 2 days later, the project was rejected. Years later, with Incursion dead, Insaniac comes back as a part-organism, part-supercomputer, with advanced 12th-level intelligence that gives him the mind of a machine, but has the personality of his old self. He is even given his own robotic body that gives him massive strength and superior abilities. He was able to be defeated several times by Mathis, but with every return, he experiments on himself until his final battle when he becomes a 10ft robotic monstrosity. He discovered how to tap into the machinery of all of Kratos and use weapons of mass destruction to cause a global domino effect and allow him to take over the ruling government. Luckily, he was stopped by Mathis, and was shut down forever. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, heat vision, X-ray vision, bionic physiology, and super-mentality.
  • Snap Snyder and the Deadline Faction- Snap Snyder is a Superior orangutan who is the leader of a group of pirating gypsies who want nothing but power and a bigger army. They have occasionally been the target of Femme Fatale, who tries to turn them in to clear her name and prove she's worthy to be trusted by the Crystal Agency. But Snap won't let it happen, so he constantly tries to find a way to get back at her, and discovers her crush on Mathis. He does lure them together, and manages to capture them both. Femme manages to save Commander Hierarch from them after he berates Mathis for disobeying him. The Faction then retreats to another hideout, and eventually takes to the seas to go after Mathis and Femme when they and the Crystal Agency are on a boat ride. They cause Mathis and Femme to get lost on an island for two in a half weeks, where their relationship is made stronger, and they fall in love very quickly. Together, they stop the Faction once they find them, and they make it safely back home with the others. They still have yet to return. His powers include super-strength, super-longevity, super-agility, 360-degree vision, a titanium skeleton, a healing factor, omnilingualism, and psychometry.
  • Master Jiro- A Japanese macaque who is an illegal weapons manufacturer and smuggler, and is responsible for the murder of Commander Hierarch's parents. He was once busted by the Crystal Agency, and killed both Hierarch's parents for revenge. He is also the great-grandfather of Grotch Prometheus (Real-life and fictional, and in reality, he was busted by Grotch). He serves later as a new antagonist who hires Ape-X to be his assistant. He not only goes back to being an illegal weapons manufacturer owning a criminal zaibatsu (Japanese financial business) called Jiro Munitions Inc. He uses his new weapons, new powers, and new neutronium armor which is nearly indestructible, he kidnaps most of the Crystal Agency, and defeats Hierarch. Luckily, Mathis discovers he plans to use his illegal weapons to take over his great-grandson's government. Luckily, Grotch helped free the kidnapped agents, and helps Hierarch defeat him, but they wind up accidentally killing him.
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