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Waylon Franz Morales
Vital statistics
Title Agent Morales, O-Prophet-Operative-897
Gender Male
Race/Species Hispanic Human
Faction Outer Force Agent, Former LAPD, FBI, And CIA
Description Serious But Bumbling, Determinant, Kind, Easily Frustrated
Skills and Abilities Police, FBI, and CIA Training And Experience, Expert Marksman And Detective, Good At Disguises, OF and SCP Technological Gear
Status Alive
Location Los Angeles, Amphibia Earth (Hometown And Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Agent Waylon F. Morales is a human from the Earth of Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu, and comes from the same town of Los Angeles. He is currently a Level 4 Senior Agent for the Outer Force, a branch of the famous SCP Foundation, with the same goal of protecting the normal world from what defies reality, but on a more moral level. Morales ended up joining the OF after a peaceful retirement from a long lifetime of serving for the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and the CIA. This started when he came across the mother of Sprig Plantar and Polly Plantar, who had arrived on Earth with the use of the Calamity Box to escape the heron attack sent by Rotteen that allegedly killed her. Developing a brief partnership with her, he ends up helping her when he realizes that two friends of his from the FBI were actually from the Unusual Incidents Unit, an FBI division for the SCP Foundation and that would put him at the risk of termination and even D-Class status. In response to this, Morales lost his FBI and CIA gear, as well as his ice-cream-truck-disguised government van, to these UIU agents. Luckily, Morales discovers how to contact the OF, and this gets the attention of their founder, Latimer Lifecraft, a former SCP agent who founded the branch after being fed up with their amoral method in response to SCP-5000. He ensured Morales’ protection from his former partners, and he had successfully ensured the safety of Mrs. Plantar, but the Calamity Box was lost because Mrs. Plantar didn’t trust agents who were going to take her only means of getting home. She left, and hid the Box where nobody could find it, somehow managing to recharge the Gems, only to disappear and leave the Box to be found and put in a thrift shop where it would eventually be taken by Anne and her friends. Morales would this be put in charge of the aid effort in the 0-Calamity Prophecy in which his Earth would merge with other worlds, including the one that the Calamity Objects were forged on, Amphibia, and he gains a partnership with Nickson to watch over Anne and the Plantars when they eventually get to Earth and reunite with the Boonchuys, protecting them from following threats like the corrupted King Andrias’ robots, and Wormtongue, the latter of whom was persuaded away from targeting Anne too frequently thanks to his associates and those of Rotteen. Morales continues this job with Nickson to this day, while also on the lookout for his former partners who are doing their job more for the SCP Foundation than the Outer Force which they consider a carbon copy of the Foundation founded only from paranoid morals.


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