Nick Orville Quine
Agent Nick
Vital statistics
Title Agent Nick, Nickelodeon, Nerdo, The Nerd, N00B, NicktheSick405, Youngest Rookie for Team Scattergood
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Scattergood
Description Fictional, Young, Lazy, Fiction-Loving Blogger, Nerdy, Lost on the Internet, Helps Team Scattergood when he can
Skills and Abilities Expert Hacker, Agile Gymnast, Has Amateur Experience with Weaponry and Equipment
Status Fictional
Location Pixellania
Alignment Boasting but Good

Agent Nick O. Quine is a human who is one of the supporting main characters of the game Omicron II. He is only a rookie of Team Scattergood whose family was taken by Craborg and was almost killed by his Crabbots had it not been for Team Scattergood. Agent Ralph is one of his personal idols, and he found him useful in the team for his athletic abilities. He is also a dedicated geek who collects trading virtual cards, plays video games, blogs, and in the game, he is happy to give you something in return for a set of virtual cards. His trades provide special material on artwork on both Omicron and Omicron II, behind the scenes material, and other goodies.


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