Iolo Endrew Solus
Agent Solus
Vital statistics
Title Agent Solus
Gender Male
Race/Species Greater Solaraptor (Solaraptor prime)
Faction Heroes Act
Description Tough, Assertive, Determined, Gruff
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Gliding Solar Wings, Top-Notch Awareness and Marksmanship, Self-Taught Martial Arts, Bioluminescence, Great Senses, Acrobatic Skill
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Soltomn (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Moxowoll System) (Homeworld)
  • Blacklight City, Bilox (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Sigliak System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Deeply Good
Agent Iolo E. Solus is an Alternate UUniversal Solaraptor from Planet Soltomn. He is a gliding raptor with feathered bat wings and bioluminescent feathers whose species, only known in isolated territory of the Maxxus Sector in the Zeta Universe, have wings and crests capable of absorbing sunlight to keep the cold-blooded animal warm even in harsh winters, as long as they bask in direct sunlight long enough. Iolo is an agent that aimed to one day settle the ridiculous disputes between the United Sentient Races Alliance and the Union of Independent Systems, as their feud cost him his single mother and got him raised by Rankans, a race that wants the same thing. After his dreams seemed impossible, he hid out in the Faste Sector in the Theta Universe to become a bounty hunter, living in Blacklight City on Planet Bilox. He got equipped with every single firearm of the Raghnall line, the UIS' pinnacle choice of weaponry, and became a 'badass' raptor bounty hunter that'll trade and do anything for money or new equipment. But in a twist of fate, he ends up meeting the Heroes Act when they secretly look for a new UIS agent following the events of Bossy Business when they recruit the first members from isolated territory. His meeting doesn't go well initionally cause they ended up running into him while was trying to distrupt a coup against UIS by the UIS hater Sir Linux,  though Solus typically likes to insult him as "Barfington" in viewing him as typically the kind of jerks that contribute to keeping UIS and the USRA on unfriendly grounds, who Linux is the Uonon partner of Worm McSinep who defected from Worm's subtle anti-UIS ways and tried to go for something that "Promises results", but when they learn about his ruined dream, upon Linux's capture, he decides to join them as their UIS agent.


Solus was born on the planet Soltomn in a city outside the capital city. He and his parents soon moved there for more job opportunities, and he met a Solaraptor girl named Lassity Adcallus, whose father was the planet leader and mother a milliterry official in the ranks of UIS. They became a serious couple upon preteen days. But fate separated them when said Soltomn's leader and Lassity's father, Bade Adcallus, wanted the USRA to support them since he was being tempted by the allure of what the USRA offered, luring USRA rogues to convert the planet to the USRA. But then, UIS chased them away, getting Solus' parents killed in the crossfire with his mother getting shot as a hostage and a demonstration by a rogue Uonan, and admonished Bade for his crimes. Due to this traumatic experience, Lassity broke up with Solus and left on a quest to get Bade back with The United Usurpation Force. Horrified by this incident, Solus wished that one day, USRA and UIS would for once get along, as this longtime feud had cost him his parents and girlfriend, while also wishing to get Lassity back from the UUF, knowing how dangerous working with the group is due to its shotty leadership and that they're not exactly an entirely successful rebellion against UIS other than that they're still even around, if barely.


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