Tiffany Barbie Shatner
Agent Tiffany
Vital statistics
Title Agent Tiffany, Tiff, The Second Leader, Tiffs, Second-in-Command of Team Scattergood
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Faction Team Scattergood
Description Fictional, Serious, Rarely Laughs
Skills and Abilities Skilled Markswoman and Gymnast, Strategist
Status Fictional
Location Pixellania
Alignment Seriously Good

Agent Tiffany B. Shatner is a human secret agent who appears as a supporting main antagonist in the game Omicron II. She is a childhood friend of Agent Ralph who worked in the same rebellion against Viral Vi-tor, and aided the Commando Beaver Taskforce in freeing Ralph from the Great Edge after Vi-tor's defeat. She soon went on to being the second-in-command of Team Scattergood who shares a love triangle with Ralph and Agent Alexus. She is a very serious girl who has hardly laughed, and only did so when hanging out with Ralph.


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