Aiess Iceandretta Schee
Aiess Schee
Vital statistics
Title Miss Schee, Former Heiress Schee, AUU Weiss Schnee (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Satran
Faction Member of Team RABO, in Team Remena
Description Arrogant, Means-Spirited, Loudmouth, Often Egotistical, Easily Frustrated, Sassy, Bold, Determined
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Cryokinetic Tense Abilities, Revolver Blaster Sword
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vigorasia, Remena (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rewben System) (Homeland)
Alignment Good

Aiess I. Schee is an Alternate UUniversal Satran from Planet Remena. She was the former heiress to the Schee Tense Corporation, which is the biggest supplier of tense in Remena. However, the company was ruined when her mother married an arrogant power-hungry father who only loved her for her name. He bought the legal department of the company to prevent the resulting divorce from robbing him of the company by law. Thus the divorce law was reversed and he stole the company. Thus the company became controversial for it's labor forces of Empirids and questionable business partners. However it turns out that it was because the mother's family took the company from his great grandfather and it's revealed that she was the Winter Mage that was corrupted by Grimmess Occultra when they retrieved her and her relic as her anger from the theft awakened Grim power inside of her. Aiess's older sister Wintry Schee had been the previous heiress after the mother brainwashed her into rebelling against her own father and tried to get Aiess to join her when the position was taken from her and had been protecting her from him ever since. Aiess tried to enroll as an Esperess for Radiance and got into Team RABO (Rainbow) lead by Rewbeny Ravwen, much to her frustration. As time passed, she started to open up, and avoided her father trying to keep his control from ruining the company, causing him to ultimately cut off her monthly allowance in cash. until the Radiance Academy was destroyed and she was sent back home. But because of snapping and disobeying her father, he renounces her title as heir, ruining her chances to save her company. Thus she runs away with help from her butler to rejoin her friends in RABO. She is the AUU version of RWBY Weiss Schnee.


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