Airglow Elmofire
Vital statistics
Title Hippogriff Pinkie
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Pure Hippogriff
Faction Princess Ocheasha
Description Hyperactive, Giggly, Enthusiastic, Smart, Bold, Random
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Slight Magic Knowledge, Ability To Induce Laughter And Joy, Can Break The Fourth Wall
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Hippogriffinstone (Homeland)
Alignment Good
Airglow Elmofire is an Equestrian pure hippogriff and one of the friends of Princess Ocheasha. She's a hyperactive and very funny hippogriff who always laughs in the face of danger and fighting for happiness and the cheer of her race. She can be childish at times, but when it comes to what she does best, she impresses even Pinkie Pie with her intelligence. She is Hippogriffinstone's answer to the impact left on The Storm King after he almost got to hippogriffs through his attacks, as she became as hyperactive as Pinkie after getting trapped underwater and witnessing an extremely colorful reef as a child and having a boring life as a result of the Storm King's actions, and had since been aiming to spread happiness to a very melancholy Hippogriffinstone, becoming one of Ocheasha's best friends since she was the first one she cheered up. Her magical ability is to share and feel emotion by thought, and because she is usually so happy, anyone she uses this ability can be extremely happy allowing her to cheer up anyone.


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