Vital statistics
Title Alajai (Birth Name), Ajax the Cauter, King of Jespillionict
Gender Male
Race/Species Aemaercan Cauter (Ceo aemarcansis)
Faction Team Ajax, Clam Lounge Squadron
Description Full of Himself, Good-Hearted, Frustrated, Talented Dancer and Thespian, Fighter, Acrobatic From Circus Days
Skills and Abilities Natural Lion-Like Abilities, Claws, Teeth, Acrobatic, Thespian Skill, Good Dancer and Comedian
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Global Reserve, Jungala (Location coming soon...) (Birthplace)
  • Jespillionict Space Zoo (Foster Residence)
Alignment Good
Ajax is an Alternate UUniversal Cauter from Planet Jespillionict. Previously born on the jungle world of Jungala, he was whisked away from home and stowed away onto Jespillionict and assigned to a zoo that was configured into a space zoo, where he was raised as their dancing cauter, and made more friends in the form of other zoo mates like Marphy, Glora, Elmen, Commander, Scowalski, Chocko, Cadet, Sivo, Honso, Georgina, Lirry, Nevelle, and Senny shared their home and actually found his longlost brother named Sanjay who previously transferred to the zoo and discovered that the two were actually abandoned by a neglectful and pessimistic father and left to be with sentient beings. The two have since shared the same habitat in their flying zoo as their friends shared their home, all until Marphy and Sanjay's son Royan are convinced to go out into the wild, and end up crashing onto an isolated and abandoned animal sanctuary called Wilo, though thinking Marphy's sabotages, among Commander and his team's military-style sabotage, caused it, it was actually aided by a tractor beam brought up by Master Crobra, as the results split the zoo in two, and the group was among the many survivors. Thus, the Clam Lounge Squadron end up saving them from being Crobra's new abominable followers, and Zhensi destroys the medallion of his that gives him his greatest strength, and causes his death. Though he feels unimportant because his father ditched him for his habit of dancing and embarrassing him as an alpha cauter, and did the same to Sanjay to where he was replaced by a worse candidate named Gango (AUU Makunga), he discovers that he can have a greater purpose just like Sanjay did. He is the AUU version of Alex the Lion.


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