Alan Baldwin Eagle
Mutant Al Baldwin Eagle
Vital statistics
Title Al Baldwin, Aleck Baldwin, Aleck, Former Mayor of Eagle City
Gender Male
Race/Species Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Faction Eagle City Goverment
Description Mutated with Xenon Serum, Technophobe
Skills and Abilities All of Xenon's Abilities
Status Locked up
Location Dragon Realms
  • Eagle City (Hometown)

Prison 42 (Imprisonment)

Alignment Technophobic Evil

Alan Baldwin Eagle is a bald eagle who is known to be a very deludional mayor of a minor city in the Dragon Realms called Eagle City, which was the hometown of Alister Beaksworth and Blake Hoskins, though Alister would've moved to Eagle city while Blake was actselly borned in it. He is noted for being the descendant of Eagle City's very founders, and has not been a very good upholder of the family legacy because of his views on 21st century society. He believes that technology is unnatural and it ruins nature itself, as such he developed a Darwinist view and seeks to bring Eagle City back into 19th-century culture, including getting rid of any advanced technology including medicine, and had founded the Dragon Realms' version of the KGB (Knowledge Garrison Bureau) in order to police science, and should it end up being more harmful and unnatrol then he already thinks, it will be shut down. He is responsible for the ruining of both Blake and Alister, ordering the KGB to confiscate all of Xenon's technology and hope for a cure for his mutation litterally after he ended up a mutant, which was due to a savatoshed serum, and for sabotaging Alister's artificial-brain experiment and rendering him a cyborg, both of who were victimedised by Manfred Duck, a neutrol henchmen of Alan, where due to Alister's troubles being more destructive, left Manfred a cyborg with a buzz-saw wing he activates at anytime. Though these views seem to have mixed views to his people, one half seeing him as an anti-technology naturalist who wants to ruin their great lives with technology, while others view him as one who wants to bring Eagle City back to it's roots since it was founded during the 19th Century, as well as tecnecally because he's eviomentally friendly, lack of tec means no factories and no factories means no pollution. While not a steriotypical straight up villainious polotision, his darwinist views and anti-tec wishes and willingness to commit conspiracty aren't exactly morally good either. And should Alister and Blake deside to get even, it would leave Alan to be the ultamate irony of being a cyborgised mutant and doomed him to the life of vengeful super-villain.


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Cyborged Mutant.

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