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Alameda Slim

Alameda Slim is a member of the Villain League and is the main villain from Home on the Range.


Alameda Slim is a cattle rustler said to be capable of stealing 500 cattle in one night. He has the ability to entrance cows through his yodeling, which he utilizes in his thefts. Slim has a buffalo named Junior, Rico and Wesley as his assistants, and the Willie brothers as his nephews.

Role in the film[2]Edit

At the beginning of the film, Alameda Slim targets the Dixon Ranch, home of Maggie. All of the cattle disappear in one night, leaving only Maggie. As a result, Mr. Dixon is forced to sell Maggie to a small farm called Patch of Heaven, and heads out west for a new start. Later, Mr. Dixon's ranch is bought by a Yancy O'delay. As a result of his numerous thefts, it is revealed that a $750 reward is out for the capture of Slim, which Maggie and two other cows, Mrs. Calloway and Grace, decide to claim in order to save their home from foreclosure.

Later, Alameda Slim commits another theft, and his unique technique is revealed. Alameda Slim is able to hypnotize cattle through yodeling. He captures all the cattle, and takes them to his hideout, located in an old mine. At the mine, he reveals his plan. Slim had once been a talented farm hand, but had been repeatedly fired. (It is hinted that this was because his employers hated his singing). As revenge, Slim has been using his abilities to steal the cattle of his former employers, and sells them. When the ranches are put up for auction, he uses the money to buy the property, under the name Yancy O'delay. At that moment, one of his henchmen moves from his spot, revealing the location of the Patch of Heaven farm on his map of ranches. (The farm is shown to be the exact shape of the minion's head, and had never been seen before because it was always blocked.) Slim decides to buy the farm under his alter ego's name.

However, Slim is captured by Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway, who are using earplugs to avoid his yodeling. The cows attempt to take Slim to the Sheriff, but Slim escapes thanks to Rico. Slim attends the auction of Patch of Heaven under his O'delay identity, and is about to buy the farm. However, the cows are able to expose him, and Alameda Slim is arrested.

Role in the series

Alameda Slim reprises his role from the film, but was briefly stuck in jail due to Dark Cynder's intolerance for failure, until Mirage freed Slim to help aid Yosemite Sam and the Armadillo Kid in Looney Tunes: Back in Action.