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Alber Mirchael-Fulcrum Thamber
Alber the Smuggler.png
Vital statistics
Title Alber Mother-F*****g Thamber, Alber the Smuggler, The Goddamn Smuggler
Gender Male
Race/Species Chili-Skinned Salse (Salseraptor hong)
Faction Vault Seekers Ally, Crazy Troy's Black Market, Armatage Corporation (Formerly)
Description Greedy, Great, Bitter, Grudge-Worthy, Intelligent, Strategic, Impossibly Skilled In Smuggler Business
Skills and Abilities Common Raptor Abilities, Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Teleportation and Digistruction Abilties
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tartamon Station, Tolvent (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown)
  • Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Crazy Troy Market Residence)
  • Tradeaway, Qyzlloy (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Living Residence)
Alignment Antihero Criminal

Alber M.F. Thamber, AKA Alber Mother-F*****g Thamber, or Alber the Smuggler, is an Alternate UUniversal Salse from Planet Tolvent. He is a raptor smuggler who grew up in the Tartamon Station and is currently a member of the Black Market owned by Crazy Troy in the Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards of Uridia, and is one of the best in the business. He is literally the best because he does the most impossible of achievements, smuggling the strongest of Armatage, Huncus, and other weapon corporation weaponry for people to use to defense themselves. He has done 'impossible s***', and he constantly provides great and mysterious deals for the Vault Seekers. As they constantly question how he gets them, he always responds by saying "BECAUSE I'M A SMUGGLER!" like HISHE Batman, and never answers specifically. He comes from a family who are adequate inventors of teleporters and Digistruct Modules and technology, which allows things to be built by the blueprint digitally, and has been one of the biggest technologies in the AUU for a long time, and thus he has his own hack into the teleportation grid, and is one of the people who finds it quite extortionist how people who use the DNA-storage stations of the Armatage Corporation have to pay 10% fees to be resurrected through their Digistruct service of Digisurrection, especially since he believes it is a disgraceful use to his family's technology, an since many of them worked for them. This technology may prove a good point as to how he is such a good smuggler, as his underground living residence in the biggest black-market community in the Beofynzeny System called Tradeaway. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Michael Mamaril, except he is far different and sparse.


Alber was born on Planet Tolvent, a lava planet with ancient lava-covered Uridian ruins after the ecumenopolitan colonies were destroyed by massive volcanic and seismic activity, which ended up exposing the planet's massive amounts of rarium. Thus the Armatage and Huncus Corporations were both able to profit from this and the leftover technology to rebuild the society into a new one. Alber grew up in the Tartamon Station, a former penal colony ravaged by it's own geothermal reactor core, resulting in the colony itself becoming a bandit hotspot and later on a town with a hacked teleport train system. As the son of one of these bandits, Alber discovered that he comes from a family who worked for Cypherion, the business that established many of the Beofynzeny System's digistruction and digital networks and teleporters. He discovered this when he accidentally used his family DNA to access any of these digital devices instantly. This allowed him to use them anytime he wished, and even for free, finding the fees for digisurrection extortion and a disgrace to his family.

He managed to build implants of unknown types into his body using this digital tech, and managed to use these new implants to be a smuggler and trader. He ended up starting his career in the Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards, where he met Crazy Troy as he was the closest at the time to breaking into his fort. He told him about Uridium and what value it had all over the system after paying him with it to forget the situation. Later, he heard about Troy being raided by Kromn after he moved onto being mostly a smuggler living in the big black-market community of Tradeaway, and helped him set up shop in Chanceltown, becoming another member of his new black market business from Tradeaway, and at this point his nearly-impossible feats brought upon by his unknown implants had become infamous. He occasionally aided the Vault Seekers in their adventures.


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