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Alec Mark Plasmon
Vital statistics
Title Agent Plasmon
Gender Male
Race/Species Cortan
Faction The United Usurpation Force
Description Arrogant, Cruel, Murderous, Traitorous, Stubborn, Stern
Skills and Abilities Naturally Being Abilities, Expert In Strategy, Manipulation, Combat, And Marksmanship
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Botriff (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector) (Birth And Death Residence)
Alignment Traitorous Antihero

Alec M. Plasmon was an Alternate UUniversal Cortan from Planet Botriff. He was raised on a rogue planet which was heavily isolated from even the Union of Independent Systems because of its cosmic storms jamming Grandmind's powerful telepathy, and its status as a rogue planet, or a planet with no orbit or sun. Though this makes the planet normally uninhabitable due to no sunlight or heat, Botriff's presence in an area with near-regular cosmic storm warnings have given it the thermal shifts to maintain life. Alec was a steadfast but shady member of The United Usurpation Force, an anti-UIS movement that can either fight for their own right to be independent from the UIS, or to join the United Sentient Races Alliance, the UIS' rivals and reason for existing as the result of unintentionally making the AUU overreliant on them, but whatever the case it makes the UUF in the wrong for not understanding the UIS in depth, and Grandmind's almost-omniscient telepathy or the incompetence of many individuals have resulted in the UUF being a failed movement. Alec came from a bad household. He had three siblings and his parents wanted their kids to have a better life in fighting and doing what's right, especially with a new unborn child on the way. But when Alec accidentally made the family look bad to dealers and cost them their future, he was disowned for it. In his anger, he accidentally set the house on fire. He saved his siblings, and in his first cruel moment, he killed his own parents and unborn sibling and made it look like a mistake by feigning guilt. He raised his siblings to be what his parents wanted them to be, as he considered killing his parents a mercy for them out of fear they would end up disowned like he was, and he avoided legal action should his murder be discovered by joining the force. His achievements were so outstanding, he became the newest member of a team of neutral heroes lead by the Rankan couple Kyp Nikton and Lynd Jolus. But a month after this, they were all captured and imprisoned by the UIS after a botched attempted of a peace talk with the UUF with a Skepticen ambassador named Ambassador P'eace Ke'epper. Alec shot P'eace Ke'epper in the chest that, while it didn't hit the heart, Skeps are known for being fragle beings and ergo placed him in critical conditon, for assuming it was an ambush, when really all the present forces were just Ke'epper's security detail. After Kyp and Lynd and their team seemingly died in an attempted prison escape, Alec founded his own team and manipulated them all out of potential incompetence, and eliminated any other liabilities in the Botriff sanction of the UUF through either murder, resignation, etc. His actual competence had allowed the UUF sanction of Botriff to be one of the rare successful branches the UUF ever had, and his professionalism earned him much gratitude, but not nessersarly without infamy cause of his standerds. However, none were unaware of his trickery. He formed a rivalry with Cadet Lassity, a Solaraptor and daughter of B'adcallus, a former leader of Lassity's homeworld, who had her own team and a lot of beef against the UIS and aims to get her father out of the Corionus System, the UIS' primary penal colony. He always undermined Lassity until the arrival of Miria of Highstone during the Heroes Act's attempt to establish UIS identities for UIS missions, even if the results were hit-and-miss. During this, the two were competing to take down the rogue UUF creation OV, a robot with an AI based on all the failed UUF commanders. Alec considered Lassity's entire team liabilities and thus his team had them all killed, with the exception of Vostok VanHurter, if primarly to avoid predictable suspicion, otherwise Vos would've not fared better. Though his entire team would be killed except Vecna Rayon, he personally killed Vostok, but his true nature was exposed to the Botriff commander, a Vyran-Brutan hybrid named Commander Reximus, and he was discharged. Upset that Miria and Lassity had just cost the UUF a chance to persevere, he murders them both with his disintegrator blaster and signals OV to the location of the UUF Headquarters hoping to stop OV and get himself reinstated while unaware of how truly powerful OV was. Miria managed to resurrect herself, and was forced to use illegal technology to resurrect Lassity to keep her promise to her ex-boyfriend Agent Solus to bring her back alive. Alec in his arrogance would end up betrayed by Vecna when she considers his attempt to get back in the UUF insane, and he in turn gets killed by OV when he realizes that Alec used him. Ironically, as the one who kept the Botriff UIS sanction alive, he would end up getting it destroyed all by himself, forever earning Alec the infamy of "The One Who Costs Us Botriff", and added to that the planet was annexed by UIS later with only minor clean up of leftover minor UUF bases, there was no hope to restore Botriff, which signified the start of the UUF's eventuall self-caused downfall.


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