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Alejo Montero del Canis
Vital statistics
Title Estevez (Former name), Chewy, Alley
Gender Male
Race/Species Chihuahua Dog (Canis lupis familiaris)
Faction Hog Blank's Assistant
Description Enthusiastic, Silly, Clumsy, Crazy, Comical, Messy, Annoying, Aggravating, Cannot Swim, Emotionally Sensitive, Crackpot, Odd, Cackling, Yet Useful
Skills and Abilities Natural Dog Abilities, Resourceful, Numb to Pain
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Chihuahua, Mexico (Hometown)
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico (Second Owner Residence)
  • Point Blank, Lake Livingston, Texas (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Alejo Montero del Canis is a black-and-tan Chihuahua from SpongeBob's world. He is a bumbling, comical, fidgety, clumsy, and very noisy yesman to Hog Blank from Chihuahua, Mexico, and went through an original born owner in Mexico, then another in New Mexico until finally being an alley dog adopted by Hog Blank as an assistant, yet while his original name was Estevez, Hog changed it to Alejo to sound more intimidating. He is a very emotionally-sensitive, yet wacky and silly assistant, but is still quite useful and insanely flawless when getting the job done. He is also shockingly resistant to pain, as he has been exposed to it for so long that his body has become completely numb to it. He is also extremely aggravating to other henchmen in his own helpful but extremely foolish and comically-foiling way. He provides excitement to his boss's men, yet he cannot swim, even when many of his peers, whether enemies or allies, are capable of doing so. He has a voice like Matthew Broderick, only it is brought to comical levels on par with Tito.


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