Alexander Alistair Avataraverse
Vital statistics
Title Alexander the Beyonder, Avatar of God, Act of God, Avatarverse (Common Mispronouncsiation)
Gender Male
Race/Species Lion (Panthera leo)
Faction Independent Villain
Description Superanimal, Foul-Tempered, Bitter, Unfortunate And Hateful Hypocrite
Skills and Abilities Super-Longevity, Power Randomization
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
  • Abandoned Battleworld Dome, Eonith Mountains (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil
Alexander A. Avataraverse, AKA Alexander the Beyonder, Avatar of God or Act of God, is a Superior lion from Kratos. Though he is one of the most powerful Superiors on Kratos, he actually hates to be a Superior, and actually had an ancestor who was the last ruler of Kratos, Emperor Avataraverse, before Grotch Prometheus discovered and implemented quantonium to create their trademark superpowers. When the emperor heard of it, the emperor felt uneasy about the super-powers and would rather keep the people of Kratos normal, even after how the super-powers saved the world from the Darkspawn, arguing that it's better if powers stayed a unige thing only for Grotch's family and that everyone else stays normal. Sadly, the emeperor was made widely unpopular for not seeing the good worthwhile potainional and alot of them started to get super-powers just to spite the emperor. Being pushed to extremes because the people rather be 'Playing God' then to respect his declaration, the emperor banned all quantonium research and had his armed forces capture Superiors and any Superior Makers and Normalised them, wanting to restore normal people on Kratos and had at least avoided being violent about it to prevent an easy rebelion. Unfortunately, that plan fell apart when a superior child got severly hurt in the process of being normalised, ending up turning into a super-mutant freak by accsident thanks to a normalising device being improperly made. Understandably upset that both this child and several unfortunate others ended up following suit because litterally the same problem and that such a gift and discovery is being wasted, Grotch called out the leader, and after having being threaten to be exicuted by the Emperor who was pushed too far at this point because how he was mistaken to be tyrant when he only wanted the people to be cautious of super powers, Grotch lost control of his unwise young self and ended up declaring a civil war known as the Good-Evil Wars, turning much of the world's society into a war-based society for 2 straight centuries, the emperor being forced to take the path of a hypocrite, and downright hatefully so, by starting to go into using quantonium to fight fire with fire and de-power everyone including himself upon victory, everyone fighting in anti-collateral high-tech places the size of an entire valley called Battleworld Domes, having over 80 of them in total across the planet. But the emperor lost in a final battle against Grotch, who thus became the new leader and repaired the planet from it's Good-Evil War society. The original emperor, dispite his pleas that he only wanted to keep Kratos save from rampaging unstoppable forces, was still proptly exicuted for his "cruelty" and the entire family of Avataraverse exsiled and hated as outcasts. Alexander was one of the unfortunate desendents of the fallen emperor, as he had a Superior son in hopes that he could complete his plan in case he should fail. But despite Grotch obscuring the family of their "evil" ruler, Alexander eventually discovered his true origins, and sought to spark a Second Good-Evil War simply by gaining omnipotence through a secret and unknown device long-hidden from Kratos, and after completing his goal with his hated powers, he would discard of them following the normalized Kratos, as, the emperor had once said, "it was what Zeus made [them] to be". Not unlike Baron Opjurge, he too acknowledges the hypocrisy of it all, but wishes to be rid of a 'comic-book lifestyle' by turning everyone normal as he manages to use technology based upon Shamus von Phantomarge's Meta-Nullifier Satellite, only improved in multiple ways into a space station and is his base of operations called the Null and Void which is also a Superior/Anti-Superior device that creates and de-creates Superiors through it's own quantonium-negating energy, and despite the fact that he hates having to do so, he has to change his own powers at will because of stealing a Hades-licensed power-randomizing ability to change his powers until he could finally become omnipotent and finally rid himself of this hated play on gods, as he hates this power, but has to make himself a hypocrite like Opjurge because he seems to believe 'the devil's creations do well against the devil's work' and that it's 'fighting fire with fire', a phrase coined by his ancestor. This being said, Alexsander is by no means dispicably evil or over-the-top about his villainy, as he only ended up being the modern verson of his ancester who only wants to return Superiors back into "True Kratosians". Because of this, alot of Kratos' villains and criminals avoided him like the bubonic plauge because of him being "Another Baron Opjurge, but somehow worse", and thus has to relie on the assistence of family and the rare like-wise Superior Defector, which included Shamus and Pak Zhu Cutter for Lagooia.


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