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Alexis Stylus
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Vital statistics
Title Alexisandria the Great (Magic-Tainted Minion Name), Sister of Angelina
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Magic-Tainted Minion of The Wind King
Description Hateful, Power-Hungry, Greedy, Insulting, Self-Absorbed, Brutal, Mean, Rude
Skills and Abilities Natural Griffin Abilities, High-Speed Flight, Acrobatics And Martial Arts, Magic Armor, Magically-Augmented Physiology, Intimidation Master, Magic Staff
Status Alive
Location Equestria
Alignment Greedy Evil

Alexis Stylus is an Equestrian Griffin from the griffin homelands of Griffinmainia. She is the biological sister to Angelina, a griffin called an alce, or a griffin without wings, as she was born without them, and thus felt insecure about being incapable of flight. But in her glory days as a member of the Griffin Praetorian Guard, she assured her that she could be great even without wings, which ruined her when she claimed she said that years later because she cared about her, and since she was now power-hungry and greedy because of not being promoted or advanced as she had hoped for a long time. Thus, she framed Angelina for a crime she didn't commit: The murder of the only one who knew of her reasons of murder, the commanding officer himself, and left Griffinmaina to get more power. However, she disappeared later on, leaving Angelina with no hope of revenge. But it's revealed that she actually killed in a bounty hunter mission with a reward for power, and was taken in by The Wind King as a new and secret pawn and supersoldier magically enhanced on a biological and artificial level, and thus, when he seeks to one day betray Angelina upon her swear of loyalty to him because of her 'pipe-dreams' because he believes his childish wish of flying is more important than hers, and will seek Alexis on her, and allow her to finally face her demons. But it certainly won't be easy.


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