Alicia Bome Weters
Vital statistics
Title Obsidian Hobnobber Slave Secretary
Gender Female
Race/Species Qackle (Thylahyaebon donzotos)
Faction Obsidian Hobnobbers (As Slave)
Description Natural Sense of Smell, Hearing, Sight, Night-Vision, Agility, And Fast, Charming To Rapists & Criminals on Proy, Slavery Through Illegal Mind-Control Implant
Skills and Abilities Amateur Self-Defense Skills, Self-Defense Rapid-Fire Phasers/Explosive Launchers
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Jinjing, Proy (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Auliffer-Wrague System) (Hometown)
  • Obsidian Palace, Ofleyzunkote (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Auliffer-Wrague System) (Slavery Residence)
Alignment Neutral

Alicia Bome Weters is an Alternate UUniversal Qackle from Planet Proy. She was raised in a lawless system in the AUU who served as a sectratary to The Obsidian Hobnobbers and their leader President Shi Thole. She mostly kept neutrol to the questionable beliefs that a socity "that runs" on crime and shrugs it off as just a different way of living, until her sister got a crippling injury on duty after fighting a criminal, she started rethinking her life and wished for socity to forsake this sort of life and endorse law and order. But as years passed, she kept being told that she couldn't change "the glorious" way of life, threaten to grant terrible and harsh punishments for defiance of those rules. She wanted so badly to make the system a better place and quit the Hobnobbers, seeing them as the clear maniacs they are, yet she couldn't leave under threat of Shi exiling her and leaving her to be arrested by the authorities. Unless she gets help, she'll never be able to lead the system away from the madness of Thole and the Hobnobbers.


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