Our heroes are not gonna have a good time today when two major problems at the same time are desten to get serious. One of these is on the planet Ralchum. A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which is a world with 25% of it's surface covered with an ecumenopolis city, while the rest has alien-like fauna and flora, there is a purple sky due to it's small concentration of nitrogen, there are large rock and lava formations, colorful jungles, and large mountains. This has been a world under a huge war since the AUU Third Cartoonian War against a Byzankan-founded alien alliance known as the Conglomeracy, which consists of aliens with destroyed worlds including the gray-alien-like reptomammals called the Aectoids, the metamorphic amphibious Vukulans, the warlike spider-like aliens called the Spidklons, the highly-augmented crocodilian Genons, the armed snake-like Slurhyms, the mammal-like synapsid purple-masked Mepheans, and their leaders, the ultra-powerful and ultra-intelligent Ethercons. Because the Human Protection Agency and the Federations were incapable of fending off these enemies because of their superior technology of war robots, cybernetic constructs, advanced weaponry, transbeing technology, and for their vast superior war vehicles, they instead commanded the president to establish a special military defense force called RALADCOM, or Ralchum Alien Defense Command, to combat this threat anyway they can, learning their weaknesses and strengths and using them against them. The Byzankans were formerly the leaders of the Conglomeracy until their exile at the end of the AUU Third Cartoonian War, but the powerful Ethercons instead took their place and continued the war for the planet, as it was formerly property of them before it was colonized and the optimum choice since all other planets couldn't possibly accommodate. Both sides use evenly-matched technology, and they continue to fight to this very day. The Byzankan ambassitor, War-Ender Pess Pfister, has came to calm the Conglomeracy down and bring them and the colonests of the planet to negosiate peaceful terms. Thing is, by congomeracy law, all planets that belonged to it's members at some point, even in destroyed states, belong only to them and no one is allowed to take it away from them. And the Ethercons are VERY insistent that co-existence is not acceptable terms and that the current residence HAVE to leave, but not nessersarly out of malevolence, but because the Ethercons insist that the races of the conglomeracy and their costoms will not mesh well with the colonests and will end up lead to more conflicts if they have to share the same planet. Also, the Conglomeracy's Declaration of Self-Relience makes them independent of Grand Council law, including the forced re-location one, meaning that the Conglomeracy have more right to claim this world then the colonists. Understanding this, the goverment of the colonests agrees that the Conglomeracy wins the war "By default of NUSRA approval and Conglomeracy law", the goverment not wishing to defy the laws of worthy oppendents, and that their ecomimey is too weaken to continue fighting. However, RALADCOM, under the usurping leadership of Commander Dink Whreed, has gone renigade and commence terrorest attacks on Conglomeracy bases, trying to risk a new war just so Ralchum stays a colonest home! As much as the Grand Council and the USRA races want to sympathiese with the blight of the now rouge defence force, Commander Dink is not making things better and the Conglomeracy warned that they are not afraid to exsellerate it with their worse wepaonry if RALADCOM is not "accerately punished" for "their crimes against the Conglomeracy". The Lougers and Gazelle, while conflicted about this morally, accepted that RALADCOM is the greater wrong then an overly persistent allience because provoking them to get worse will only serve to potaintionally ruin the planet. Can our heroes defeat Dink and prevent the colonests from following his idiotic exsample? Even when they have to split into smaller groups while the others have to contend with the other issue?

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