Alister Azimuth-2 is a Lombax from the same dimension as Doofenshmirtz-2, and serves as the main commander of the armies of Doctor Nefarious-2. He is a brainwashed cyborg who has the smarts, the skill, and the unwavering and ruthless relentlessness of his original counterpart. He has a history with little differences to Alister Azimuth-1, being a Lombax from Fastoon who accidentally gave Emperor Tachyon the power to drive his race out of their dimension as he was left behind for his crimes. Thus he sought the Great Clock hoping to go back in time to undo his mistake, but before meeting Ratchet-2, he joined forces with Doctor Nefarious-2 as the two had the same goals for the Great Clock, but when Ratchet and Clank reach it and the two save the Clock from abuse, like before, Azimuth almost helps Nefarious get the Great Clock by force first by killing Ratchet before Clank undoes the murder. Both Nefarious and Azimuth die when trying to take the Clock, as Nefarious dies in a quantum fracture and dies in the same fashion as Nefarious-1, and Azimuth is able to recognize the danger and not only sacrifices himself to fix everything, but helps fight and defeat Nefarious-2 as a final victory after feeling guilty for falling for his lies. But when Nefarious escapes his dimension's Banished Realms, he resurrects Azimuth as a brainwashed cyborg with his Correctors and he forgot what happened since before and after his death, and has since become his army leader whom Ratchet and Clank-2 have yet to have him remember his sacrifice.


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