Alister Jackson Beaksworth
Vital statistics
Title MechaTalon (Formerly by Hank), Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Cybercon
Gender Male
Race/Species Black Falcon (Falco subniger)
Faction Cybercon
Description Turned into a Cyborg Weapon by Hank
Skills and Abilities Cybernetic Enhancements, Phaser Talons
Status Married to Jasmine Flamingo, Running Cybercon
Location Dragon Realms
  • Brisbane, Australia (Birthplace)
  • Eagle City (Second Hometown and Previous Workplace)
  • Cybercon HQ, Brisbane (Current Residence)

Poi-Son (When serving Hank)

Alignment Reformed

Alister J. Beaksworth, formerly known by the alias "MechaTalon", is a cyborg genius and is the founder and owner of Cybercon, and provided the UUniverses with prosthetic products. He was once fatally injured in a lab accident while trying to build an artificial brain, and was retrieved by Hank the Mutant Frog and turned into a weapon. Though when his old girlfriend, Jasmine Flamingo, helps the Shell Lodgers fight off Hank, Alister helps them send Hank to Prison 42 and restore order to Poi-Son. The two have since become married and restored the company that was lost for years.


Alister was born in Dragon Realms Brisbane, Australia, and grew up with a pleasant family. When he was 18, he quickly got a job as a cybernetic designer. He enjoyed his new life, and he eventually fell in love with a beautiful female flamingo zoologist named Jasmine Flamingo. Yet one day, a horrible accident involving unattended fireworks and an accidently-lit fuze, had horribly burned Jasmine Flamingo, and even damaged her wings. In his sadness, he took advantage of his remarkable skills and tried his best to create functional replacement wings. Though it was difficult and took several years of development, a surgery was finally made, and Jasmine was capable of flight once again.

Alister since then became a very famous healer, and founded a new company named Cybercon and it became a quick success. He treated patients that have lost their limbs, eyes, hands, feet, or even tails by giving them replacement cybernetic parts. Then one day, he decided to reverse-engineer the brain for the first time in history. But he knew that field of knowledge was way too advanced for even the smartest of scientists, so Alister decided to study everything he can about the brain and how it worked, and use it to create the very first cybernetic brain. He studied for 5 years, and reverse-engineered every known part, and put them all together. With his artificial brain complete, he knew he would be successful. However, since he had been at it for 5 years, he had become a bit mentally changed. He thought the brain would work, but by the moment he turned it on, a large explosion destroyed his lab, the building, and almost everyone in it.

In the devastating explosion, very few survived without injury. Though Alister was unable to survive as most of his body was destroyed. Jasmine heard the news and joined the EPA in sadness. However, the body of Alister was never found in the debris since it was hidden so well, and because it soon vanished 17 hours after the explosion after Hank found it after his defeat in SpongeBob and Friends meet The Teacher's Pet. He took the body with him to his exile planet Poi-Son. There, Hank analyzed the body's DNA, and learned Alister's name, history, and death. His neurological scanners even detected a few things wrong such as the small bit of insanity, and decided to 'cybernetify' the body. Hank downloaded blueprints of all of Alister's cybernetic technology (Where his original blueprints were destroyed in the explosion), and acquired them so he could build Alister some new legs and eyes. Much to Hank's surprise, when he replaced the dead bird's eyes, Alister came back to life. After introducing himself, Hank continued to rebuild Alister.

Then finally, Alister was fitted with new legs with phaser lenses on the bottom of each of his talons. That was when Alister was renamed MechaTalon. For the time being, Alister has been Hank's number one weapon besides Crocovore. But thanks to the lougers, Alister was finally able to live the life he originally had and finally refound Jasmine.


Alister has a very vast intellect. Since he is obviously a black falcon, he is capable of flight, and agility. His cybernetic parts are what makes him the most powerful. His cybernetic metal is made of uranium, making it partially indestructible. His chest plates have luminous pads that allow him to see in the dark. His 2 cybernetic eyes are upgraded models of his own CyclopSM, which gives him an extremely keen eyesight (Since he had very good eyesight before his accident), and the ability of magnifying/microfying vision. His prosthetic legs are also upgraded versions of his device, but since they are so fragile, they needed to have a thicker hide for extra protection. The legs fragile structure is also a problem for his original prosthetic leg's super-abilities, so the model was modified at a smaller scale to keep this power from breaking the fragile leg. The attachable/detachable talons are not exactly upgraded models, but are sort of like a special kind of counterpart. The prosthetic talons' orthopads and antigrav pads are at a smaller scale than in the original version, and are arranged in a concentric circle-like pattern. This design recovers the prosthetic foot's power, allowing him to walk on solid surfaces. Plus, the antigrav pads add more propulsion, allowing MechaFalcon to move at a speed of 60 mph, whereas his original speed was 35 mph. At the center of the concentric circle pattern formed by the orthopads and antigrav pads is a phaser lens. This feature gives him the ability to fire blasts of energy from the bottom of his talons.

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