After dealing with a Leprechaun supervillain named Shamcrook, the Lodgers are called to Equestria for a little problem. Gallus is incredibly upset after causing a scene in Ponyville when being heavily discriminated, angry that nobody has forgotten the last Convocation of Creatures when Goldstone tried to destroy a scroll that would save most of Equestria from being legally taken by griffins out of greed. The fact that he was an orphan with little biological family around him was bad enough. But out of the blue comes Golda the Golden, a Lara Croft-style griffin known for adventure surprises Equestria with a massive donation equal to the amount specified in the treaty, and invites the griffins around her, including Gilda, Gallus, Gawk, Gabby, Grayson, Greta, Salty, Ambassador Gennu, and finally, the son of Goldstone Goldenrod, who suffered the most discrimination and thus is an antisocial wreck that won't easily trust non-ponies anymore. They are seeking the most sought treasure in Equestria: The soul of King Mammon, the Alicorn god of wealth and fortune and the creator of the priorly encountered Stone of Geo, which the soul used to be sought by King Grover long ago. But Golda's rival, a griffin crime lord named Golden Rule who does what she does for money instead of glory, seeks to find it first with the aide of her Griffin Mafia remnant member, Don G. Reedmonger, who's also the secret grandfather of Goldstone. After searching Griffinmainia and meeting new friends like a Goldhorn named Chafe, a Seagriff named Goldwater, an alce named Mercury Melt, and an androsphinx, or large pony-headed griffin, from Sphinxia named Electrum, the griffins and accompanying Lodgers, Mr. Krabs (Stupidly obvious he would attend), Icky, Iago, Fidget, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Djon, Haroud, Lucky Jack, Trixie, Miguel and Tulio, and Oscar's Gang find King Mammon's soul guarded by a giant dragon named Midas whose golden fire can turn people into gold, and contained inside the Idol of Mammon, which Golden Rule swipes, but ends up getting into a dispute with Reedmonger who ended up wanting it more then she does, which their petty squabble breaks the idol, injuring Mammon's soul and causing the entire world of Equestria to turn into gold, making her and Reedmonger the first victims. Thus it's a race to stop the entire world from turning into gold by putting the idol back together, which would've been a cinch had it not been for the fact that Midas is also throwing a violent temper tantrum over the sins of the two bickering griffins that doomed the world into becoming a greedmonger's paradise and now wants to bring godly vengeance onto griffins. Now the misfits not only need to fix the idol and get Mammon's broken, escaped and missing soul back in, but also to keep Midas from destroying the entire griffin race and calm him down while doing it.

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