Lucas Travis O'Mighty
Almighty Mane
Vital statistics
Title Almighty Mane, Superior All Might
Gender Male
Race/Species Lion (Panthera leo)
Faction Independent Superhero
Description Noble and Wise, Strong-Willed, Confident
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Super Longevity, Enhanced Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Mental Capacity, Invulnerable, Heat Vision, X-ray Vision, Psychic Defenses, Empathic Abilities, Psychometric Powers
Status Currently Alive
Location Kratos
  • Prometheon (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Good-Hearted

Lucas T. O'Mighty, AKA Almighty Mane, is a Superior lion from Kratos. Born during the Good-Evil Wars of Kratos between Grotch Prometheus and the unwillingly-hypocritical Emperor Avataraverse, he grew up with a dream to fight, even though he started out as a weakling with little to no experience. He eventually nearly killed himself to save a very abusive and threatening tiger bully from a shapeshifting supervillain, thus his boldness and near-sacrifice convinced Grotch to bring him in as an advocate of justice to fight for the war of freedom. When the war ended, Lucas took his name 'Almighty Mane', and founded the Renaissance School for two things, introduse non-superior kratosians to being superiors, and to create heroes to stand up to a growing villain crisis, and form a refreshing new basis for good and evil on Kratos. He ran the school for the entirety of the Superior Renaissance, but the school came to a downfall when his young brother, Inmighty Mane, out on revenge for losing his powers to bullies and got kicked out by proxy due to regulations that the weakest member gets expelled, becomes a senator and manipulates everyone into having the school shut down. Almighty, even after Inmighty was impeached by demand of protesting students, was still sadden that even if it wasn't for Inmighty, other facters would lead to the school being shut down anyway for the fact that all kratosians are superiors now, thus making the school redundent, and that the school had alot of victims of embittered weaker students that became a greater majority and were demanding the shut down even then. All Inmighty did was make it happen sooner. He has since disappeared, where he has remained in the shadows, and retired later on. He thought he wouldn't make another difference again until Kratos' current leader, Master Algorithm, as a result of growing heroes like the Justic Teens and the Foxtrots, decided to reopen the school to create more heroes, with Almighty coming back to approve of it, where at the same time, ensure history does not repeat itself, especially since his embittered brother is still alive and hoping to prevent this from ever happening. He is like All Might in My Hero Academia, but has the voice of Peter Fonda, his ancestry had created this world's strongest hero, known as the World's Strongest, whose identity and powers are unknown who does an entire ton of miracles. His powers include super-longevity, super-strength, super-flight, super-speed, super-mentality, invulnerability, heat and X-ray vision, a psychic shield, empathy, and psychometry.

  • MCode: EpHvIvPshPsySfSlSmSsSspXrv


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